Millie Court LinkedIn: Who Is She Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend? When She Won Love Island? Check Her Current Age Now!

The article describes the details on Millie Court LinkedIn profile and mentions the details of her education and career.

Have you heard of Millie Court? Have you visited her LinkedIn profile? People from the United Kingdom are willing to know her details through her profile and in which fields she has been working.

We will provide all the details of Millie Court LinkedIn in this article. Stay tuned to know more details.


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LinkedIn details of Millie Court

The details show that Millie is the Buyers Administrator on She was also a Sales Assistant at Superdry for two years. Millie’s LinkedIn profile mentions that she was a styling assistant for a month in Tati Cotliar.

Her education details in a profile mention her bachelor’s degree in fashion buying and brand management and an extended diploma in fashion design and clothing.

Who is Millie Court Dating?

There are rumors that Milli Court is dating the gogglebox star, George Baggs. However, we do not know the complete truth behind this rumor, and people have found them posting pictures together on their social media profiles. 

Earlier, Millie was dating Liam Reardon, but they broke up. Their break up was a shock to the people as they liked them. Currently, there is no authentic information about Millie Court dating anyone.

Details of her Boyfriend.

The rumors of Millie Court and George Baggs have kept the public associated with them, and they are eager to know more details of their life. The drawback of being in the public eye is that personal relationships come under the eyes of the viewers and the fans. 

Both of them have not confirmed their relationship status, and after Millie’s split with Liam in September 2021, there has been a continuous buzz about her dating the gogglebox star. We await more details of her personal life from her side, and only we can confirm their status.

How is Millie related to Love Island?

Mini Court won Love Island 2021, and she was with Liam Reardon in it. They were a couple on the show and continued their relationship after winning the show. Millie announced their break up in September 2021 without explaining why. Since then, she has been linked with many other people, including Teddy Soares and George Baggs.

Since the breakup, we do not know much about Liam and his Love Life as he does not update his profile much, and only little is known about his current dating life.

What is her Age?

Millie Court is only 24 years old, a fashion administrator from Essex, a participant, and a winner of the 7th season of the Love Island show.

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Millie Court is known for her various careers in styling and fashion. The details of her are provided in her LinkedIn profile for the viewers to know the details.

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Millie Court LinkedIn– FAQs

Q1. Where was Love Island 2021 aired?

It was aired on ITV2.

Q2. Who is Millie Court’s ex-boyfriend?

Liam Reardon.

Q3. From where did she complete High School?

The Albany School.

Q4. What are her subjects in High School?

Her major subjects were Math and textiles.

Q5. From where did Millie complete her diploma?

Havering College in Fashion Design and Clothing.

Q6. Where is her birthplace?

Essex, England.

Q7. Who are Millie Court’s parents?

Robert Keith Court and Esme Court.

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