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Have you referred to the tragic incident that happened to an old lady in Florida? An aggressive alligator severely attacked the lady. Investigators are still looking for more alligators in the United States and request the nearby to be alert.

The footage of the incident is circulated on social platforms. People were shocked looking at the view and requested the officials to clear the city of alligators. The incident happened a few months back, but Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video still picks up the internet. 

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Is the old lady attacked by an alligator eaten?

The old lady was observed to be attacked by the alligator. However, the officials confirmed that an alligator did not eat her because her body was rescued with bruises and hurt. The reason for her death was confirmed to be sudden shock and stroke. 

Unfortunately, an old lady died on the spot after the attack. The rumors that an alligator ate her are false. Hence, the Old Lady Gets Eaten by Alligator Reddit thread is baseless and needs to be removed from the search engines.

A brief knowledge of the incident

A nearby camera captured a complete incident of an alligator attacking an older woman in Spanish Lake, Florida. This incident happened on the twentieth February 2023. 

An older woman, 85 years old, Glorai Serge. The video shows that she was taking her dog near the retention pond, and an alligator slowly approached them. It aimed to attack her dog, but in making her dog safe, she became the target of an alligator.

An unidentified person distributed the false report claiming Old Lady Gets Eaten by Alligator Reddit. However, it is wholly false. The video shows that an alligator inside the pond dragged a lady. She lost her life after the struggle to save herself from that aggressive alligator. 

But there were no traces that showed an old lady was eaten by an alligator. The investigators approved that a woman died from a stroke after sudden shock.

Who is the eyewitness?

Henry called 911, alerted the officials regarding the incident, and asked for instant help. Another witness, Carol Thomas, spotted an older woman and tried to help her. Unfortunately, the force of the alligator was not able to handle Carol. 

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video had no precise knowledge and had been trending on the internet. Do you know the alligator’s whereabouts? Check in the next section.

Alligator whereabouts

Arial surveillance was incorporated by the officials immediately after the first reports. The body of an older woman was recorded on the lakeside. However, the alligator could not be tracked for the whole day.

In the evening of the same day, Florida fish and wildlife commission (FWC) team got hold of an alligator deep inside the lake.

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video watchers failed to find any reports that mention that the alligator ate an old lady.

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The awful aggressive alligator attack killed an innocent older woman. But the fear of getting attacked by the alligator is roaming on the public’s minds.

Do you think an alligator ate an old lady? Comment your view now.

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video–FAQs

Q1. Does the dog die in the attack?

No, the dog lasted.

Q2. What was the length of an alligator? 

11 feet. 

Q3. How many alligators are currently present in Florida?

Over 1.3 million alligators

Q4. Is the clip circulated on the social platform? 


Q5. Who is present in Gloria Serge’s family? 

There is no knowledge of Gloria’s family.

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