Maegan Hall Twitter Video: Check If Viral Video Still Available on Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE, And Telegram

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Are you familiar with the Tennessee police department scandal? Who is involved in this case? A scandalous video became viral recently, and since then, it has been circulated through all social media channels. People from all Worldwide are curious to learn more information about this incident. We will go into great detail on Maegan Hall Twitter Video; please take the time to read this post completely.

Details About Scandal Video 

As per reports, several videos got leaked. In these videos, Meagan Hall, a police officer at La Vergne, Tennessee Police department, was involved in explicit acts with her co-workers. After the news of Hall being involved in immoral actions with her several co-workers, the investigation was probed.

The case was reported by a person working in the department. In this case, eight people were involved, including Meagan Hall. Out of which, five are fired permanently, and three are on suspension without pay. 

Disclaimer: The information in this post on current news was gathered from the internet. We won’t provide a link to any videos because our site doesn’t support such acts.

Is The Video Leaked on Reddit Still Exist?

No, the original video link is unavailable, as the website has taken down the video. The clips contained explicit content, and they violated laws. The videos were initially leaked on Reddit, which went viral on every social media like Twitter. After the news got viral everywhere, people started discussing this topic on several social networking sites. Many claimed that Meagan was innocent, and these films are being used to tarnish her image. Others are outraged by the wrongful act she committed. 

Details Of The People Involved

More than six people are involved in this bizarre case. As per the viral news on Telegram, Megan was the person who maintained an immoral relationship with her co-workers. And told everyone that she is an open marriage. Although, her husband Jedidiah was not pleased with the idea of open marriage. Even after all this commotion, Meagan’s husband supports her in every way, trying to save their marriage.  

They initially denied having any relationship of this nature. However, they later admitted their mistakes. The four male cops removed permanently from their duties are Seneca Shields, Lewis Powell, Juan Lugo Perez, and Henry McGowan. In addition, Gavin, Patrick, and Larry are subject to suspension with unpaid leave. This matter is going viral on Instagram.


The article addressed the viral news of the police department of Tennessee, where five officers were fired, and three others received reprimands due to an affair scandal. As per the speculations, the main culprit behind the scandal is said to be Meagan Hall. Many memes on her are also going viral. Click here for the details.

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Viral Updates On YOUTUBE About This Scandal: FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the female officer involved in the scandal?

Meagan Hall was the only female officer involved in this case.

Q2. Is Meagan married?

Yes, she is married to Jedidiah, who is also a cop.

Q3. What are the names of other officers involved in the case?

Names of people fired are; Lewis Powell, Juan Lugo Perez, Henry McGowan, and Seneca Shields. In addition, Larry Holloday, Gavin Schoeberl, and Patrick Magliocco are suspended. 

Q4. Is there any link present on TIKTOK?

No, the clip is no longer available.

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