[New Video Link] Cat in Blender Original Video: Is the Cat Blender Video Real or Fake? Find Link Details Now!

New and sensational information about the Cat in Blender Original Video is here. Check out the entire article to know.

Are you a cat lover? Have you heard about the Cat in Blender video? A few days ago, a horrible video of a cat went viral on social media platforms. The video has become a Worldwide trending topic. Millions of people already watched the video and felt regret. 

“Cat in the blender”- this phrase is enough to give you chills. If only this phrase can give you goosebumps, then think about those millions of people who watched the Cat in Blender Original Video. Those who are unaware of this viral video, please keep reading the article.

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What is the content of the Cat in Blender video?

A few days ago, a cat’s video went viral on Twitter. The video shows a guy putting a cat inside a blender and turning it on. Yes, you are reading it correctly. The guy who did this hideous crime turned the blender on and off several times. At some point, he took out the bloody body of the cat outside the blender. It was still alive at that time. You will be amazed that many people are still searching for the Cat Blender Full Video Link.

Is the cat still alive?

Unfortunately, not. The cat was badly injured in that blender. The cat’s guts were all coming out, and the blender became bloody. It was so painful to watch the video. After this immense torture, the cat was still alive for a few minutes. But at last, the poor animal couldn’t make it. 

Some people also claimed that after taking out from the blender, the guy put that poor animal inside a microwave. But this part is not available in the Cat in Blender Original Video

Who committed this hideous crime?

First, there were no details available about the guy who put the cat inside the blender. People only know that the guy was Chinese as there was something written in Chinese on the blender. So, people assumed that the guy must be a native of China or any other Asian country. 

But recently, some sensational news went viral about the Cat in Blender Original Video. According to some media sources, the guy in the viral video is a Chinese culinary blogger. A guy named Xu Zhihui publishes culinary videos on Chinese social media platforms. But it is still unknown if the cat was Xu Zhihui’s pet cat or if he stole it from someone. 

Where can we find the original video?

As the video contains sensitive content, it was removed from social media sites. A Twitter user named @scarycontent18 first posted the Cat Blender Full Video Link. We don’t think you can find the original video anywhere. But you can find some short clips and screenshots of the original video. 

Did the police arrest the Chinese culinary blogger?

As per some sources, the police arrested Xu Zhihui on 7th May 2023. A famous Tiktoker named Noah Carter also made Tiktok videos on this matter. Noah Carter also mentioned in his video that the police arrested the Chinese guy. But there are no official details available. 

Is the Cat Blender Video Real or Fake?

We like to inform our readers that the cat in the blender video is not fake. Many people assumed that the video might be graphic. But it is not correct. The video is original. You can check our “Social Media Links” section if you still have any doubts about the reality of the video. 

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We request our readers not to search for the Cat in Blender Original Video. The video can ruin your mental peace. People from different countries cursed that Chinese culinary blogger for committing this horrible crime. They want justice for that poor little cat. Click here to watch recent updates about the cat in blender video

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Cat in Blender Original Video– FAQs:

Q.1 Is the cat dead?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 What was the color of the cat?

Ans. Grey and black.

Q.3 Can kids watch the video?

Ans. No.

Q.4 Which Tiktoker put the spotlight on this viral video?

Ans. Noah Carter.

Q.5 Who uploaded the video on Twitter first?

Ans. @scarycontent18.

Q.6 Is the Cat Blender Video Real or Fake?

Ans. It is an original video. 

Q.7 Did the news go viral on Instagram and Facebook?

Ans. Yes.

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