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Learn more about Clearlycanadian Reviews and answers to this important question. Is Clearlycanadian Scam or Legit?

Are you the type of person who is looking for zero-sugar sparkling water loaded with unique flavours? Do you want to try a nostalgic drink that spirals up your mind?

Then Clearly Canadian is the only answer to it. Because it is not only a drink but an emotion for lots of people in the United States. And that’s why we have chosen the Clearlycanadian Reviews topics to share people’s opinions about this drink. So, let us dissolve ourselves into the conversation.

About Clearlycanadian Reviews

Clearly Canadian is a sparkling beverage company founded in 1987. Since then, they have been distributing their products to the US, Europe, etc. Hence, we could see thousands of good reviews about the Clearly Canadian brand. In addition to that, many great testimonials can also be seen on the website. And on social media platforms, people from all over the world have praised the Clearly Canadian company.

About Clearlycanadian Reviews

An overview of the clearly Canadian website

Clearly Food and Beverage is the parent company of Clearly Canadian, which was founded in 1987. The main product of this company is to sell sparkling waters made of natural spring water; that’s why Clearlycanadian Reviews are more positive in manner. In addition to that, all their packaging has been eco-friendly for these 36 years; hence, they have gained a special place in the hearts of people.

Their products include:

  • Originals (flavours: strawberry, peach, raspberry, wild cherry, mountain blackberry)
  • Zero sugar (flavours: tropical splash, fresh cherry, forest blackberry, citrus medley)
  • Sparkling Essence: Limon and Grapefruit
  • Clearly sparkling

All the beverages are made from the mountain natural springs in Canada, so they add an extra taste to them. And all the other flavours are naturally extracted ones.

An overview of the clearly Canadian website

Specifications of the website

Is Clearlycanadian Scam or Legit? In order to check out this question, we need to analyse the website details, and here it follows:

  • Website link:
  • Website type: Beverage-selling website
  • Contact number: 1-844-642-2623. This is their customer care number; they haven’t mentioned their company number.
  • Contact address: Clearly, the Canadian company’s headquarters is in Canada.
  • Mail address:
  • Social media activity: This website has created its social media presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. In all these accounts, they have managed to amass nearly 100K followers.
  • Shipping Policy: The shipment goes from the factory to the nearby Walmart and Dmart stores. Usually, it will be a once-in-a-week batch.
  • Clearlycanadian Reviews: It is available.
  • Return and refund policy: This is not an e-commerce website where people can do online shopping; it is an extensive food network. So, in order to place the order, the customers have to visit nearby department stores like Walmart or Amazon Shopping alone. Hence, customers couldn’t return the products directly.
  • Payment options: As we have already mentioned, customers couldn’t place orders on the website. So, all the other commercial payment methods will be accepted by the retailers.

Thus, to answer the question, Is Clearlycanadian Scam or Legit? Is legit. They have been in the beverage industry for many years, and they created this website for people to get to know their processes and products. Hence, it belongs to the legendary, clearly Canadian company.

Specifications of the website


  • The website is owned by Canada’s most excellent beverage company, clearly Food and Beverage Private Limited.
  • We could see the testimonials, reviews, and social media associations with the website.
  • This website has been updated periodically to announce new product launches, seasonal offers, etc.


  • The website didn’t list the prices of the products.
  • Their shipment details are not present.

Is Clearlycanadian Scam or Legit?

In this section, we are going to explain the technical details of the website.

  • Domain creation date: December 28, 2003
  • Domain expiration date: December 28, 2003
  • Age of the ClearlyCanadian Domain: Currently, the website is 20 years old. And they will soon update their website to extend the expiration date.
  • Trust score: 100/100
  • Proximity to a suspicious website: 10/100
  • HTTPS detection: The website is double-protected with SSL certification.
  • The plagiarism score is 0; all the content is 100% unique.
  • Registrar name:

Is Clearlycanadian Scam or Legit


Upon analysing the Clearlycanadian Reviews, we came to know that this website was legit. Readers can also learn more about the PayPal scam article.

Social media links

Instagram: Clearly Canadian (@clearlycanadian) • Instagram photos and videos


Therefore, we conclude this article by stating that the Canadian website is clearly authentic because it belongs to the popular beverage brand and also because it scores a 100% trust score. In addition to that, Clearlycanadian Reviews also signifies the trust and faith earned by that website.

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What is your most beloved flavour from the Clearly Canadian company? comment on it.

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