Is Serena and Lilly Legit {Sep 2022} Complete Reviews!

Scroll down this article to verify all of your donuts and find the solution of Is Serena and Lilly Legit.

Do you love to make your house look more attractive? Have you heard about the portal Serena and Lilly? Demanding reviews that will help you to decide whether to purchase a product or not?

Recently, people in the United States of America have been looking for online portals to get some products that will help them change their house’s interior, and they found Serena and Lilly. Now everyone wants to know the legitimacy by reading some reviews Is Serena and Lilly Legit? Follow us and connect with all the new evidence now.

Legitimacy structure for Serena and Lilly:

To know the working principle for a website, we all need to learn some facts that will help us to know about the behaviour of a website. Scammers are active and have recently used fake domains to scam online buyers.

To save money from this trap, you need to judge those parameters of Serena and Lilly.

  • Serena and Lilly already started their operation on 2004 6th of march, and they have already gathered the expense decades.
  • While looking for the details, we found lots of positive Serena and Lilly Reviews.
  • Though positive reviews have been found, we tried to find more details by checking the trust score, and they revived 96 percent.
  • They might have attractive trust scores, but till now, we do not get the ranking of Alexa due for some reason.
  • Out of curiosity, we searched for the trust index score and found they received 98 out of 100.
  • We have already verified their web page content, and we do not find any issues with their content.
  • They have gathered tremendous experience, but their team could not create a single account on social media. Hence customers might ask, Is Serena and Lilly Legit?
  • Customers need to scroll down this portal to get all the contact deams to talk with their executive in case of any emergency.
  • The owner does need to fill in some details, but unfortunately, they do not provide a single detail about them.
  • The domain of Serena and Lilly will expire by the end of 6th march 2023.

What Are Serena and Lilly?

Serena and Lilly is a portal that has created its brand value by working over the web for decades. They are now offering discounts on their products. They try to improve their business strategy. Meanwhile, customers want to know more to get their answer Is Serena and Lilly Legit?

Features that Serena and Lilly have:

  • Serena and Lilly have been using a domain for a while,
  • URL Link has also been updated here by, and customers will not face any problem visiting the official page.
  • Buyers will get an attractive delivery policy, and products will be delivered in 7 to 10 days.
  • Customers do not have to worry about the return or refund process. Serena will give 30 days.
  • In any problem, developers have also mentioned some contact details like 866.597.2742 and uploaded their email as
  • Customers can pay cash on delivery, and if they want, they can pay online with various options.

Is Serena and Lilly Legit upload some PROS and CONS:

PROS of Serena and Lilly:

  • Customers will get quick delivery of their product within 10 days which will be a great deal.
  • Buyers do not have to worry about their data because it has been protected by HTTPS and SSL certification.
  • Customers who love to decorate their houses can easily get from here.
  • CONS of Serena and Lilly:
  • Customers will not get details about social media because no account has been created.
  • As we do not find any data about the owner, it might be one of the biggest cons of Serena and Lilly.

Serena and Lilly Reviews:

Serena and Lilly is an online platform and has been working for over a decade and has received many customer reviews. But unfortunately, other reviewing portals are full of negative feedback. Customers have given feedback that this platform delivers very bad quality products and customer service.

Also, the absence of social media accounts is not making this platform a legit one. Click here if you want to find out the ways to skip PayPal Scams.


This platform lacks many essential details and the owner is also hiding its details. Presence of negative reviews on trusted reviewing platforms make us answer “No” for the question: Is Serena and Lilly Legit or not? So, we suggest visiting an authentic site for online shopping

Have you ever visited any scam websites before? Please comment. Also, click here and find updated tips and tricks to save money from Credit Card scams.

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