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This write-up provides all guidelines that are helpful in crafting a Write For Us Gardening guest post for Red-redial.net.

Our Gardening guest posts provide valuable information on various gardening techniques,plant care,troubleshooting common issues,helping individuals enhance their gardening skills,gain inspiration for their own gardens,and learn about new trends or innovative practices in field. Overall,Our Gardening guest posts serve as a valuable resource for garden enthusiasts.

If you are a Gardener,you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Gardening guest posts on Red-redial.net.

About Red-redial.net:

Red-redial.net aims to be a major source of Gardening-related information,as our audiences seek practical guidance and foster a sense of community within gardening community. Hence,we invite bloggers to contribute their Gardening-related guest posts on Red-redial.net,popular for publishing articles related to:

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Skills for Write for Us + Gardening contributors:

  • Contributors need to research Gardening topics thoroughly.
  • Contributors must have comprehensive knowledge of various Gardening subjects.
  • Contributors should understand our audience’s Gardening interests and preferences.
  • Contributors need to have excellent written communication skills.


  • Contributor should produce well-written documents to showcase their knowledge and skills.
  • Having formal certification in Agriculture and Farming is not necessary.
  • Contributors with professional experience in Gardening market are preferred.
  • Proficiency in creating website content,guest posts,blogs,or articles is a must.

General aspects to be included in Gardening Write for Us posts:

  • Proper soil preparation is crucial for successful gardening.
  • Choosing right plants for your climate and region is essential.
  • Adequate watering and irrigation are important to maintain healthy plants.
  • Regular weeding helps prevent competition for nutrients and ensures plant growth.
  • Proper pruning and trimming promote healthy plant growth and desirable shapes.
  • Protection from pests and diseases is vital for preserving health of your garden.
  • Utilizing organic fertilizers and compost enhances soil fertility and plant vigor.
  • Providing sufficient sunlight and understanding light requirements of different plants is necessary for their growth.
  • “Write for Us” + Gardening may discuss how engaging in crop rotation can help prevent soil depletion and control pests naturally.
  • Time and effort invested in regular maintenance and care significantly contribute to a flourishing garden.
  • Include expert opinions and personal experiences.
  • Provide links to relevant resources like books,magazines,online tutorials,and blogging forums. 
  • Encourage comments,feedback,and sharing of guest posts.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Gardening guest posts must be original and not copied from other articles.
  • They should be error-free in terms of grammar.
  • Redundancy and repetitive details should be avoided.
  • Gardening + “Write for Us” posts should not include offensive content,words,or promotional links.
  • More than 80% of articles should be written using an active voice.
  • Guest posts should have a high readability score.
  • Passive voice should be avoided in Gardening guest posts.
  • Keywords should be used appropriately and consistently for better search engine optimization.

Content writing guidelines:

  • It should provide accurate information,facts,and figures,excluding gossip or false details.
  • Emphasis should be on subject of gardening.
  • It is important to stay focused and not deviate from Gardening-related topic.
  • Gardening “Write for Us” articles must include two backlinks,copyright-free images,do-followup links,an introductory section,headings,bullet points,subheads,pros and cons,an FAQ section,and reference links to information source.
  • To ensure fairness,Gardening articles should have an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Word count for Gardening write-ups should be between 800 and 1,500 words.


Container gardening/Organic gardening/Vegetable gardening/Flower gardening/Herb gardening/Composting basics/Raised bed gardening/Indoor gardening/Hydroponic gardening/Permaculture principles/Companion planting/Soil amendments/Garden pests/Pollinator-friendly gardening/Watering techniques/Mulching benefits/Seed starting/Write for Us + Gardening on Plant propagation/Pruning tips/Garden design/Garden maintenance/Edible landscaping/Herbicide alternatives/Beneficial insects/Planting native species/Garden tools/Greenhouse gardening/Season extenders/Harvesting and preserving/Fruit tree care/Ornamental tree care/Lawn care/Xeriscaping techniques/Vertical gardening ideas/Irrigation systems/Shade gardening/Rock gardening/Cottage garden style/Planting for wildlife/Annual vs. perennial plants/Sustainable gardening/Urban gardening/Medicinal plants/Houseplant care/Beekeeping basics/Growing roses/Container herb garden/Attracting butterflies/Drought-tolerant plants/Gardening with kids/Growing succulents/Carnivorous plants/Japanese garden design/Bonsai tree care/Espalier fruit trees/Terrarium gardening/Gardening Write for Us on Growing citrus fruits/Edible flowers/Vertical herb garden/Drip irrigation systems/Aquaponics setup/Rockery garden design/Planting bulbs/Raised bed vegetable garden/Balcony gardening/Garden pond maintenance/Wind-resistant plants/Indoor hydroponic system/Seasonal planting guide/Bird-friendly garden/Growing mushrooms/Natural pest control/Air purifying plants/Growing culinary herbs/Roof gardening/Soil erosion prevention/Green manure crops/Garden fences and borders/Propagating succulents/Terracotta pot painting/DIY garden projects/Pest-repelling plants/Cacti and succulent care/Moss gardening/Outdoor vertical garden/Soil testing methods/Beneficial nematodes/Wildflower meadow creation/Biodiversity in gardens/Growing berries/Butterfly garden plants/Herb drying and storage/Water-saving strategies/Orchid care tips/Hanging basket gardening/Growing rhubarb/Window box gardening/Edible landscape design/Orchid repotting/Winter garden care,Etc. 

“Write for Us” + Gardening keywords:

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  • Expand your reach and visibility within community.
  • Establishes you as an authority in gardening,boosting credibility and trust among readers.
  • Connects you with other gardening professionals,enabling collaboration,idea exchange,and beneficial relationships.
  • Gardening “Write for Us” backlinks from our platforms improves your website’s search engine optimization,raising organic rankings and driving more traffic.
  • Enhances your skills in more profound research,staying current with trends,and enhancing gardening knowledge.

Submitting guest posts:

Final thoughts:

Please note that we may make changes or remove parts of your submission. Once your Gardening guest posts are approved,you cannot submit them somewhere else. Our team will contact you before publishing your Gardening guest posts or within 24 hours of submission. You can choose any gardening-related topic to write about. 

Did you find our guidelines for writing gardening guest posts helpful? Please share your thoughts on these Write For Us Gardening directives.

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