About the Production of Paper and Cardboard From Waste Paper

In recent years, the paper industry has been actively developing, which produces paper and cardboard from recycled secondary raw materials. There are more and more companies that buy used cardboard boxes and other waste paper, after which they process it and get materials suitable for the paper industry. Modern packaging is more often made from recycled materials. Moreover, it should be noted that the increase in consumption and turnover has led to the fact that more and more packaging is required, but making it from primary raw materials is clearly the wrong approach. In addition, primary raw materials are quite expensive. It makes no sense to make expensive packaging that has a short lifespan and becomes trash very quickly.

The packaging industry has almost become a separate industry. It is developing dynamically. Various factors contribute to this. In particular, manufacturers of many types of goods require cardboard. This is a fairly durable material, especially when it comes to its corrugated variety. It has several layers. The inner layer is zigzag, which allows to increase the degree of strength of the cardboard. Cardboard packaging allows you to protect the goods from damage. In the packaging market, cardboard is in great demand. In addition to its good physical properties, it is inexpensive and also an environmentally friendly material.

The demand for the same cardboard made the business think about where to get it in sufficient quantities. Against the background of the growing problem associated with the formation of colossal volumes of paper waste, the solution to the search for a source of raw materials for the production of packaging cardboard was found quite quickly. Although people did not immediately realize that waste paper can be recycled and become a useful material. However, the situation on the planet made mankind not only think, but even find technological solutions to the problem. The problem in this case is related to environmental pollution with paper waste and the catastrophic rate of reduction of the forest fund.

Benefits from waste paper recycling

Today’s packaging materials business owners have already realized their benefits. Because by recycling used paper into materials suitable for packaging, it turns out to offer inexpensive products. The low cost of packaging products allowed to expand the circle of customers. Owners of even small enterprises can purchase inexpensive packaging for their production purposes. Cardboard is available, so there is an increased demand for it.

But it is important to understand that there is not only material benefit if the processing industry is supported and expanded. It’s about protecting our planet. Because garbage is generated every day. Not all paper, unfortunately, goes to recycling plants after use. This situation needs to be corrected. Of course, more and more used paper and cardboard ends up with recyclers. But it is still not possible to cover all spheres of business and life of the population. Because in many countries there is not yet a competent waste management policy. However, if we talk about OCC 12 and other types of waste paper as a commodity, then a lot has been done to reduce the amount of waste generated. But there is still a lot to be done to establish an error-free recycling system for waste paper.

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