How I Became a TikTok Leader With More Than 100K Followers


Have you ever seen people going viral on TikTok and wished how will be if your account goes viral too? In case you have thought about this. Well, I will let you know how I earned above 100k followers in my TikTok account quickly and consistently.

Many will feel that the only manner they will become famous is by lowing the follower count in their profile on TikTok. Well, that is one way to become famous. Moreover, TikTok is quickly blooming in the past few years. TikTok actually gave hope to people who wanted or desired to become famous one day.

Suddenly people from their households who do only TikTok are pretty famous. However, you must know that it is not quite simple. You will understand this only when you make content on your own. I felt that there were loads of content creators who were totally more talented than me. But still, I tried my best not to give up though, I had a pretty rough beginning.

In this blog post, I have discussed how I turned myself into a successful TikTok influencer. Read on to discover that!

1) Follow the trends 

You must try following the TikTok trends and this is an easy and solid tactic that works. Moreover, most of the TikTok accounts receive thousands of followers by merely following the trend. And I am happy that it aided me too.

Your followers always crave your content, and when you use trending stuff, it reaches your followers more. Furthermore, trends often change in the TikTok platform. And your audience requires relevant and new content on a day-to-day basis. Trends include filters, challenges, hashtags, audion, and more. You will indeed never run out of content for your TikToks!

2) Be consistent

From my experience, I will say that in order to be successful in this social media platform you must be consistent with your content. Who knows, you might get lucky on your very first post and go viral. But sadly that does not happen always. If you are serious about being a content creator through TikTok then you must grab the audience to your page.

When your audience watches more content of yours then there are more chances that they follow your TikTok account/ brand. Moreover, this is how you promote your account’s engagement stats. However if you feel that the first few posts of yours are not doing well, maintain posting consistently.

3) Maintain a profile

You should know that it is actually important to use a captivating profile. So choose an incredible photo of yours and add it with an innovative username. Moreover, these are the two things you, first of all, need to concentrate on.

You must not put a not-so-clear photo and usernames that are hard to remember like phone numbers. Indeed an amazing profile picture tends to grab the audience’s attention. plus, your username is just your identity which you have on TikTok. Furthermore, select a cool name so that you will be known by that name when you get popular.

4) Be original

After creating an account, you will know that TikTok is all about ‘Content’. So let me tell you beforehand, you will blow up TikTok only if your content is great. For that, you must present the audience with something unique and interesting.

Moreover, you can create and post TikToks in various genres. But you must not keep posting the same old stuff because your audience is something interesting. So without genres, you will be lost.

5) Pay for it

Well, for a while I have kept this a secret. And I am very glad to share it with you. Yes, just like me, you can also Buy TikTok Followers. Furthermore to boost your engagement level in TikTok try checking the Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers before purchasing them. Moreover, the results of your follower count will make you so satisfied. Firstly, I bought a tiny amount of followers then my engagement grew rapidly by itself.

6) Grow platform participation

Instead of merely viewing others’ TikTok, you must try collaborating with them. Actually, this aided me in gaining quite a bit of more followers. Moreover, this also enhances audience interaction too. This assisted me much!

Wrapping it up

Well, I hope you understood the ways you will gain 100k TikTok followers. Do not panic or think low about yourself when you get merely any views. If I had quit then I would not be having more than 100k followers today. Well, just as I did, you will too. So follow these steps and proceed accordingly.

Furthermore, you must focus on your content and try promoting them on various social media platforms to boost engagement and reach level. In this way, you will build your brand and improve your visibility on TikTok. Indeed the key to growth is to never lose faith or give up, and that’s the authentic secret to fame.

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