Worldle Country Game Unlimited {Nov} Playing Criteria!

In Worldle Country Game Unlimited, we will guide you on the gameplay, what it is and how you can play it as many times as you want.

Are you a Wordle lover and have excellent skills in Geography? Or, are you one who is bored of playing with words and numbers? Then, it is time you should switch to the Worldle game and give it a try!

The Worldle game is highly inspired by the Wordle word game and getting popular in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. So, what is unique in this game that people want to play more and more? Let us explore in the Worldle Country Game Unlimited post.

How do you play Worldle Country Game?

The rule is straightforward, and anyone can play this game on their pc or mobile. Here initially, you will see a map of the country followed by some boxes. These boxes are the number of attempts in which you have to guess the country or island name. Each guess is demonstrated by proximity percentage, distance, direction.

The game also shows daily statistics, and you can play it daily, just like Wordle. However, people are excited about this country game and want to play more and more games. So, those who want to play Worldle Country Game Unlimited can simply type the previous date followed by the website name in the browser. Remember, you can also play the unlimited game in incognito mode or change the system date. Moreover, you can enter the dates in any format.

What is the Worldle game?

Worldle is similar in concept to that of Wordle, wherein you have to guess the country name in six attempts. However, instead of color transition for your guess, it shows distance, % proximity, and direction. What does it mean?

Distance means- the country you guessed and the distance from the actual country of the day.

Direction: In Worldle Country Game Unlimited, the indicated direction means the correct country is located from the guessed one.

Proximity percentage: it means how far you are away from the day’s answer in terms of percentage.

Moreover, any geography lover finds the game too easy to crack; there is an option to modify the difficulty level. You can either randomly rotate the country’s image or hide the country image.

What is the goal of the Worldle game?

The main aim is to guess the country’s image in the minimum number of attempts. Moreover, the only hint you get is distance, direction, and percentage proximity.

Play Worldle Country Game Unlimited:

The worldle game was created by a developer from Vincennes and heavily developed after the Wordle game by @Teuteuf. Keep playing the game and unlock mysterious countries each day. Whether you are a Geography expert or a learning student, it is interesting for all.


Worldle game might require knowledge of the map. And if you are unaware of the location of the countries or the neighboring places, you might struggle. However, the game is interesting once you start playing. If you want to play the Worldle game, click here.  

What is your thought on Worldle Country Game Unlimited? Tell us in the comment section below if you have played the Worldle game.

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