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This article on Qwordle Wordle will familiarize you with the new and exciting games in the news and there to-the-point info.

Have you ever been to video games? Which types of games do you prefer? If you are a video game nerd, then you must have been with games like sliding puzzles such as 2048. Like the 2048 game, there is another game in the gaming market called Wordle, where you play with words and letters. 

It is making news Worldwide in the booming gaming industry and trending over many social media platforms. Now Qwordle Wordle indeed would have made your mind restless, and many questions would be popping up there. 

Qwordle in News: Why?

The popularity of the game “Qwordle” has brought it to the headlines of the newspapers. But then what is the reason for its sudden popularity? The question is quite evident and pertinent too. Reasons for Qwordle’s popularity are:

  • A brain-stimulating and activating game.
  • Catering to the need of a broad range of audiences.
  • Easy and exciting to play and triggers curiosity among players.
  • Easy score comparison and sharing on social media.

Features of the Qwordle Game:

Qwordle or Wordle game is a slide puzzle word game. It is developed by Josh Wardle who is a Welsh software engineer. Although the word game, Qwordle, was released in October 2021 by Josh Wardle, since 2022 it has been owned by the New York Time Company with publishing rights.

Qworldle is inspired by different other games in the past, such as Jotto (a paper and pen game in 1955) Lingo, among others. Some striking features of Qwordle are:

  • A single-player game.
  • Limited chances to play in a day.
  • Digital and advanced format.

Qwordle Wordle: How to download and play?

The Wordle game is web-based. So to play, users need to visit its official website. 

Please follow the below steps to play the game seamlessly.

  • Visit the NYTimes site.
  • Scroll down and click on the game section.
  • Find the Worldle game or search it on the search box.
  • Play and enjoy.

Remark: The steps mentioned above may vary with devices.

Although there is no info about the official version of the game, you can still find some similar other games over different play stores. But if you want Qwordle Game on your home screen for easy access. 

You can add its google links to the home by tapping on “Add to Home Screen” by clicking on three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the web-page. 

Some suggestions for better game-play:

  • Play the game carefully as you have very few chances for the day.
  • Avoid some letters like ‘Z’, ‘Q’, and ‘X’ at the first instance of the game.

Final thought:

To sum up, the game has many stimulating things for players and explorers like the other games. But still, there could be some inside traps for you which you should consider and play the Qwordle Wordle game safely.

If you like this write-up, then please express your views by commenting. And by the way, which is your best game?

To explore more about the Worldle game, click here.

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