(March 2022) NFL Player Guessing Game!

Do you know who the motivation behind the creation of is? To grab the answer, you have to investigate this article religiously.

Are you willing to retain crystal-clear knowledge about an NFL Wordle-like game? Then, let us notify you of the game’s details in this writing. 

The NFL is a well-known football league with a huge fan base from the United States and Canada. In addition, this year, the NFL is attaining much admiration from worldwide fans. Thus, over the Internet, people are also discussing an NFL player-guessing game available on So, let us peel the website and its gameplay today without wasting much time. 

Describing Weddlegame

According to the hints, this game was launched recently and collected many public reactions. The user has to choose the particular NFL player of the day in the game. Similarly to Wordle, if you predict the correct daily answer, you will win. 

Thus, the game is made especially for the NFL-lovers to enjoy and put their best knowledge about the NFL. Now, if you are a true NFL fan, you might be stuck with the naming of this website. 

Who Had Inspired

As per the threads, the developer made the Weddlegame website to respect an American football player, Eric Weddle. However, recently, he will be titled the head coach of Rancho Bernardo High School towards the end of 2022. Besides, let us highlight the playing method deeply in the following passage. 

The Guessing Procedure 

If you have decided to enjoy this game, you should properly look at the underlying steps.

As we already know, we have to estimate the special day in the game. But, you have to predict the name over within only eight tries. 

  • By looking at the change in box colours, you have to guess the right player. When you type or choose a player on the website, you will observe a change in the separate boxes, consisting of the player’s name, height, position, age, etc. 
  • The green-coloured tile indicates that you have estimated the exact answer for that column or parameter. 
  • However, the yellow colour in the age and height columns implies an appropriate answer. But, in the division column, the yellow colour means an accurate conference. 

What Are Fans Saying?

According to threads, we have estimated that the players liked the game based on Twitter and other sources. But, a Twitter user expressed an issue with the website. However, some gamers asked other players about their queries.

Today’s Solution 

Our analysis has discovered that for today, the solution is Josh Jacobs. So, we hope that the answer will aid you in predicting the game. So, let us move ahead to the following passage for more. 

Similar Game Like Weddle

The investigation found Poeltl as an identical guessing game to Weddle, where you have to explore the hidden NBA players. 

Wrapping It All is a recently launched player-guessing game, allowing users to test their memory skills for NFL players. Furthermore, we encountered that the game is collecting love from the fans. Thus, if you want to explore your knowledge of the NFL, you can try a game on the website.  

Have you ever played over Weddlegame? Kindly share your experience below. 

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