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You will find all the details regarding the Wordle Unlimited Game in this post. If you are looking for Wordle Unlimited, you visited the right page.

Wordle game is played Worldwide by milion of players. The one thing that makes few players upset is that Wordle can only be played once a day. Wordle unlimited came up with an unlimited version of the wordle game to solve this problem. A few days back, the game was shut down and the page redirected to Wordplay, similar to Wordle unlimited.

In this article, we will learn about Wordle Unlimited Game.

About Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is one of the variants of the Wordle game. After the increasing popularity of Wordle, many game developers came up with a different version of wordle games with different features. In the wordle game, players have to guess five-letter words.

Recently, Wordle unlimited was shut down. The game redirects to Wordplay, which is similar to Wordle unlimited. Wordplay is developed by Dharmesh. The game is shut down due to some technical issues. Wordplay has the same rules as Wordle unlimited. The only change is the different interface.

Wordle Unlimited Game

Many players were dissatisfied with Wordplay as they were accustomed to Wordle Unlimited. Let us tell you that recently a game, Wordle Unlimited has been launched. It is like a copy of previous one. Players who are not finding Wordplay suitable can play Wordle Unlimited.

In Wordle unlimited, the rules and gameplay are the same as in the previous one. The developer has also given a strategy to find out the answer. You can play Wordle Unlimited multiple times a day. This online game will remain free for all the players. There is currently no app for Wordle Unlimited Game. You can play the game on its original website for free.

What is Wordplay?

Wordplay is a replacement for the original Wordle Unlimited. Wordle was sold to The New York Times a few months back. However, there were some copyright issues last month, and multiple accounts were detected to have infringed copyrights. So it was decided to close down the game.

The players were redirected to Wordplay. Wordplay is the same as the original Wordle Unlimited. However, the players could not recover the streaks they have made in Wordle unlimited. Players can make their game streaks in Wordleplay and enjoy the game.

Players have to follow the same steps as in the Wordle Unlimited Game. The word should be a five letter word. The yellow, green and grey colours indicate how close you are to the correct word.


The article describes Wordle Unlimited. After the game was shut down, several games looked similar to Wordle Unlimited’s original version. Wordplay is the alternative to Wordle Unlimited. You can play Wordplay easily on its original website. If you want the same interface as the original version, you can also try the new Worldle Unlimited. Visit this page to know more about Wordle.

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