April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022: Explore To Win!

This post will guide our readers about April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022, and give you information on today’s answer.

Wordle has given another challenge to its gamers. The players are confused while guessing the answers Worldwide. They are desperately waiting for us to reveal today’s answer to the puzzle. Some players have lost all their attempts, and they cannot guess April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022

We request you not panic as we will share the information regarding Wordle’s answer today. So, kindly read this post to know about the answer.

Why do people want today’s Wordle’s answer?

It is not a new thing when some players cannot guess the correct answers in six attempts. Sometimes they are left behind by a single word and miss the chance to guess the correct word. So, today’s word is quite different to guess, and most gamers have lost the game. So, here we are sharing some hints to guess the right answer.

April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022

The gamers who cannot guess the right answer can go through the hints below, as it will definitely help you guess the correct word.

  • Today’s word contains two vowels (a,e,i,o,u).
  • Both the vowels are different.
  • Of course, it is a five-letter word, so the other three words are consonants. The main part is that it contains double of a consonant.
  • The double letter is placed one after the other word.
  • This word ends with “A.” 
  • The word rhymes with LAMA.

We hope that these hints are sufficient for you all and you will be able to guess the answers. Moreover, if you cannot guess the answer after reading April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022, please don’t get disappointed as we will share details on its answer. 

Answer for Today’s Wordle

The players who did not guess the right even after reading the hints can take reference from this section. This section will guide you on the answer to today’s Wordle. If you are aware of the fact, this is the Wordle number 291. Today’s word is quite confusing to guess even after using the hints in six attempts. So, here is the answer.

The solution for 291 Wordle is “COMMA.” 

However, it was not difficult to guess this word, but it was confusing. So, if you didn’t guess the word, take reference from April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022.

Brief on Wordle

Wordle has created a craze among gamers. However, the game needs a good guessing power to reach the correct word. The players are offered six attempts to guess the right word. Then, you are given five boxes to fill the spaces. 


Summing up here, this post will guide our readers about the hint of today’s answer for Wordle. If you cannot guess the right answer, please reference this post. However, if these hints didn’t help you, we have shared the correct answer. Finally, please check this link to play Wordle.

Would you like to give your views on April 6 Wordle Hint Today 2022? Please comment below.

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