Wired Vs. Wireless Apartment Intercom Systems

Apartment building owners now have a smart option to replace their outdated door buzzer entry system with a high-tech, wireless apartment intercom system that is designed appropriately. Before selecting the door entry system that is ideal for your building, there are many things to take into account. Making the option between a wired and a wireless entry system is one of your first decisions. 

The issue with wired entry systems, such as the door buzzer, is that good wiring is needed. This requires that the hardware in each unit need to be wired to the hardware at the building entrance. The appropriate unit receives a signal when guests activate the intercom system in the apartment. The resident uses their built-in intercom to communicate with the door-release mechanism if they desire to open the door.

Three common problems of wired intercom systems:

  • Wired systems are being discontinued – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) no longer requires telecom firms to maintain copper wiring to provide internet access for residents in America. As a result, the expense of maintaining wired devices like door buzzers and phone intercoms will continue to rise. Additionally, the telecom provider has the authority to refuse service if copper lines need to be repaired unless a 4/5G network or fiber optic cable is used in their place.
  • Most Americans already have a smartphone – According to research, most Americans already use a smartphone. When residents possess a wireless suitable device in their pocket and the number of users is predicted to increase, it does not make sense to spend on wired intercom gear for every apartment.
  • Wired systems are expensive – There are actual wiring expenses for the entire building, installation costs, and an extended period of resident inconvenience during in-unit installation. Meanwhile, the ideal wireless apartment intercom systems connect external hardware with in-unit devices without the requirement for whole-building wiring. However, an internet connection is necessary.

How wireless intercom system works

Hardware is needed for a wireless intercom system for apartments; imagine a central server there. Depending on the circumstances, it can either be directly mounted on the outside wall or placed on a pedestal. The hardware contains the resident directory. Visitors use this to locate a tenant. A speaker, microphone, and camera are also included in the ground station.
The resident will then press a “door unlock” button on their smartphone to allow building access if they decide to open the door. The door release mechanism is instructed to unlock the door and let the guest in when that button is pressed.

Benefits of wireless intercom system for apartments

For apartment buildings, switching from a door buzzer entry system to a wireless smart intercom system offers practical benefits to busy property managers.

  • Residents and people are managed anywhere, anytime – Residents’ access privileges can be added, updated, or removed using a wireless intercom system. To give role-based access, it can also assign groups, schedules, and zones. Additionally, it offers remote access at the touch of a button. It is integrated with the property management software you already have. Plus, it allows remote monitoring of one or more properties from any location with your smartphone or laptop.
  • Security and safety are improved – A wireless intercom system can keep an eye on residents and access-point activities. It can also send real-time personalized notifications, such as those for a door opening or closing and permission being denied.

Benefits of wireless intercom system for residents

Apartment residents with wireless smart intercom systems can easily manage and regulate building access. Moreover, resident participation in access restrictions increases building security awareness and contributes to a secure, contemporary living environment.

  • It verifies visitors’ identities visually before allowing or rejecting access.
  • You can use your smartphone to unlock doors so that you never again lose or forget your keys.
  • You can schedule time-limited virtual visitor pass for couriers to ensure that no deliveries are missed.
  • Don’t keep your family and friends waiting: Assign your family members and friends regular virtual visitor passes.

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