Fastest Growing Trends In Hotel Interior Design

Hotel interior design is undoubtedly a complex, rapidly evolving field. For any hotel to be at the forefront of hospitality, keeping up with the trends is critical. Regardless of the overall theme, there are three things that stand out among all trends – technology, sustainability, and comfort. Listed below are the fastest-growing trends in interior design that can help you create multi-functional spaces that guests will love.

Best Hotel Interior Design Trends 

  • Use Of Technology

In today’s digital world, everyone wants to stay connected 24/7. Hotels are meeting the demand for all-round connectivity with a fusion of technology within sophisticated interiors. Not only does technology make spaces more fun, but it also optimizes functionality.

Technology does not just stop at high-speed WiFi. Innovative uses of technology include automated check-ins, robotic carts as bellhops, and the ability to control various facilities like lights and blinds remotely without getting up. Some hotels are taking it to the next level with robotic staff.

  • Reclaimed Materials

The sustainable tourism market is expected to boom in the coming years as travelers are becoming more eco-conscious. A hotel interior design trend that amps up aesthetics while adhering to the concept of sustainability is the use of reclaimed materials like wood.

Reclaimed wood is sourced from old, dilapidated structures, defunct ships, and old furniture, among other things. The wood is then used to make new furniture like wardrobes, cabinets, chairs, and tables.

Furniture made from reclaimed wood has a gorgeous, rustic aesthetic and displays the local materials of the region. It gives travellers an authentic experience. Visit for quality hardware with which you can make reclaimed furniture. 

  • Creation Of A Home Away From Home

Hotel rooms are no longer synonymous with drab, dreary spaces with outdated carpeting and old TVs. A lot of hotels around the world are striving to create more inclusive, personalized experiences. 

Coziness is a significant factor to consider when designing the interiors of hotel rooms. Special touches like hand-selected art from local artists, soft, textured pillows, fireplaces, and rugs, can create a cozy, personalized vibe.

Simple additions like an ergonomic study desk and chair so that guests can work comfortably should they need to show them that you care. Visit to browse a pristine collection of the finest work tables and chairs that you can add to hotel rooms.

  • Green Features

Green features like indoor plants and various hardscapes are a great way to create a relaxing, soothing ambiance. Hotels nestled in the midst of a city often do not have the luxury of picturesque views. 

Incorporating landscape elements such as low-maintenance plants, indoor waterfalls, or sand gardens will help create a serene outdoor environment indoors. If views of sweeping landscapes are available, then the room can be expanded out into large decks and terraces.

  • Sustainable Features

As the world is adopting more environment-friendly policies to combat climate change, travelers, too, prefer to stay at hotels with sustainable features. Features such as solar-powered heaters and street lights, rainwater recycling, and locally-sourced natural materials are some concepts that can attract consumers.

You can also create a plastic-free environment while encouraging guests and staff to follow the three Rs- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Combined heating and power systems can help you reduce costs while promoting an environment-friendly ambiance.

Even simple things like replacing fluorescent lights that consume a large amount of energy with energy-efficient LED lights are a step toward sustainability. Visit Vorlane LED lighting OEM for high-quality customizable LED lights to transform your hotel.

  • Grand, Multi-Purpose Lobbies

A lobby is the first space a person sees when they step into a hotel. So, it is essential to make a fabulous first impression, to make your travelers crave a ‘stay-cation’. The design of entrance lobbies is gaining increasing attention in architecture around the world.

To cater to global businesses and entrepreneurs, hotel lobbies are placing an emphasis on the provision of both formal and casual meeting spaces. A lot of lobbies are segregated into designated zones for socializing, charging devices, or grabbing a quick bite. 

  • Pristine Bathroom Features

Bathrooms were often perceived as auxiliary spaces that took up minimal space in floor plans to maximize the area available for living areas. However, hotel guests now desire a home away from home, where they can seek comfort in luxury.

Spa-like features in bathrooms are a great way to cater to this need. Facilities like waterfall showers, ensuite bedrooms, landscaped pockets, large bathtubs, and showers with multiple settings can be offered for a luxe experience. 


The fastest-growing trends in hotels around the world are those that focus on practicality and optimized functionality. The trends mentioned above are new and exciting ways to connect with guests and give them an experience of a lifetime. 

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