The Role Of Green Real Estate In Cambodia’s Sustainable Development

Environmental conditions in Cambodia have become an important concern with a growing population, forest clearance, and changing climate. At present, Cambodia contributes only 0.02% of greenhouse gas emissions, but the country has been hit by extreme floods and drought conditions because of the whole world.

Due to this, the government has started emphasizing green real estate buildings and houses constructed with eco-friendly materials. Besides, many development schemes related to rainwater collection, solar panels, etc., are discussed and updated per the government budget of Cambodia.

This blog will discuss different schemes and benefits of green real estate building in Cambodia. Contact IPS Cambodia and read this blog further if you want to invest in it.

What Is A Green Real Estate In Cambodia?

Green Real Estate means building and other real estate properties constructed and managed in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Everything promotes resource conservation and efficient energy use, from roofs, balconies, undergrounds, and outdoor space. More and more people are jumping on the green real estate bandwagon as they realize the significance of sustainable development.

Some of the features that make a building or property a green building are:

  • Using solar panels to generate electricity
  • Composting waste through a management system
  • Making furniture from reclaimed wood
  • Rainwater and greywater harvesting
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Green roofs, balconies, and garden-structured infrastructure
  • Energy-efficient lighting, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Real Estate In Sustainable Development?

Green real estate offers multiple advantages in sustainable development in Cambodia, like better health, higher property value, and exciting incentives from the government. Let’s read about the benefits of developing green real estate properties.

Environmental Benefits

Developing green real estate buildings means less energy consumption, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Investors can do it using eco-friendly construction methods and saving rainwater as much as possible. 

Besides, you can save biodiversity and natural habitats by not clearing the forest lands and sustainably doing projects.

Economic Benefits

In starting, you might have to invest more in terms of operational costs, but it can give you long-term benefits. Installing a solar panel, water conservation systems, and energy-efficient structure is expensive but reduces future bills and saves the environment. It also reduces the cost of living.

Social And Health Benefits

Green real estate properties look good, provide more walkable areas, and improve overall health. These projects make space for parks and gardens, provide good air quality through a green environment and control flooding.

This way, people can interact while walking and communicating, improving health and mental well-being.

Role Of Green Real Estate In Cambodia’s Sustainable Development

Let’s see the role of green real estate in different sectors of the Cambodian economy.

Residential Sector

  • They use less energy and water than traditional buildings, which means we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enjoy better air quality.
  • Green buildings are healthier and more comfortable for people to live in, boosting productivity, tourism, and agriculture.
  • Green residential buildings are more desirable than conventional buildings due to their sustainable and environmentally-friendly attributes.
  • You can get government incentives like tax breaks and rebates.

Commercial Sector

  • Green Commercial buildings use less energy and water, saving operational costs and increasing profit margins.
  • It reduces the carbon footprint and provides good air quality in the workspace, leading to more productivity and an active environment in the commercial sector.
  • Hand in hand, the spending of the Cambodian government on infrastructure attracts companies and MNCs to start businesses in the country.
  • Building green office or rental space can increase the property’s value, thus helping investors earn more profits.

Hospitality Sector

  • Eco-friendly amenities and stays are trending worldwide, which can attract travellers, thus enhancing the tourism sector of Cambodia.
  • Property rates of green resorts or forest resorts are higher than average hotel prices, which can increase the profits and living standards of the local people in Cambodia.

Sustainable Development Process In Cambodian Real Estate

  • The Cambodian government is giving many types of tax and cost material incentives to investors ready to invest in a green real estate building.
  • Many building codes are given to residential and commercial real estate constructors to follow eco-friendly practices while building and interior construction.
  • The government is spending more to implement sustainable facilities like solar power and water harvesting techniques.
  • Developers must adhere to waste management protocols in Cambodia, such as proper waste segregation, composting, and recycling.


Now you know how investing in a real estate property and constructing it into a green building benefits both investor and the customer. Now if you want to search for a suitable property and land to buy or rent, contact IPS Cambodia.

Their team is well informed about all the paperwork and government norms to construct a green real estate building in the country. Besides, they can also help you find the property within your budget and in your preferred area within the country.

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