The Best Regions of Seville to Buy Real Estate for Family Living

Life in the heart of Andalusia is a dream of most visitors of Spain. Vacation in Seville makes you feel immersed in a festive atmosphere round the clock. The city hosts many festivals, fairs and celebrations, drawing people from all over the world. For the creative types, the city is a great place to find inspiration and a close-knit community of colleagues. One more reason to choose the destination for permanent stay is affordable house prices in Seville. Comfortable homes in a perfect location attract foreign investors both for business and personal reasons.

If the purpose of property purchase in Seville is a permanent residence with your family, it is advisable to choose the region with decent consideration. For this reason, we are going to enlist several outstanding regions of Seville for family living.

A few words about Seville, Andalusia

Seville is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and is one of the 8 provinces that make up the autonomous region of Andalusia, and is also the capital of Andalusia. The province boasts of several beneficial characteristics for any home buyer:

  • Moderate climate with pleasant summer and winter temperatures
  • Absence of heavy precipitation during the year
  • Availability of Spain’s only commercial river port on the Guadalquivir River
  • Presence of the Seville-San Pablo airport, the second airport in Andalusia in terms of the number of passengers it receives
  • Many opportunities to get to the city at any time
  • A wide selection of affordable housing with necessary amenities

Best regions for living in Seville

Visiting Seville, you may notice that all historic and architectural landmarks are located tightly in a short distance from each other. From this point of view, some other criteria of selecting the suitable real estate location should be implemented, like the number of people you are going to relocate with. Let`s have a look at cozy districts of Seville appropriate for quiet and calm stay.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is famous for an abundance of tiny walking paths and pedestrian streets. Those atmospheric streets are combined with spacious patios full of flowers. In this neighborhood, you’ll always find cozy places to grab a coffee in the morning and go out to dinner with friends. Live music is also plentiful here. However, if you quickly get tired of the busy streets, it’s best to give up living here and just come for a walk.


One more interesting region of Seville is Macarena. It is located on the north to the Guadalquivir River and hosts the authentic nature of the whole territory of Andalusia. Don’t forget that this is the site of St. Macarena, especially revered by Sevilleans. This area also stands out for its good communications with the rest of the city. By the way, the historical center can be reached on foot.


For those who would like to experience the authentic essence of the Spanish glorious past, Triana is a rational choice. The region is a motherland to many famous flamenco dancers and toreadors. Also in this neighborhood is one of the most iconic streets of the city, Betís. This is where people from all over Seville come to enjoy the best tapas and drinks surrounded by friends. Another advantage of Triana is that it is quite close to the center. All you have to do is cross the bridge of Reconte de Isabel II to find yourself near the city’s famous landmarks, among which is the Torre del Oro tower.

Comfortable regions of Seville for living with children

Relocation to a destination with small kids makes parents pay attention to some other features of the region. Availability of schools, special educational establishments, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities are the essential needs. If a district is full of tourists and constant noise, do not consider it to be a suitable place for staying with kids.

The following regions of Seville are perfect options for parents with children.


Nervion is an appropriate area to buy real estate in Seville both for families and alone residents searching for peace and quiet. The neighborhood hosts residential buildings and a number of stores, schools, sport facilities, and playgrounds. In other words, it has everything kids need for a happy childhood and all-round development. At the same time it boasts good communications with the rest of the city. For family walks with children in the central part of the city, you can even go on foot. The choice of modern housing surrounded by comfortable infrastructure is quite large.

Los Remedios

If you prefer to live among the combination of modern infrastructure, historic landmarks, and multiple attractions, have a closer look at Los Remedios. It is home to the Royal Fair Real de la Feria, the Museo de Carruajes, the Fábrica de Tabacos tobacco factory and the Recepte de San Telmo bridge. The pace of life here is calm and measured, so it is a pleasure to walk with children. There are always playgrounds, sports and educational facilities close to home so you do not have to drive your child to school or sports facilities in other areas of the city.

Sevilla Este

The neighborhood of Seville Este is located within a distance from a city centre. Still, the developed public transport system provides easy access to any part of the neighborhood. There are many parks and areas for family recreation. Walking with a stroller, with children on scooters or bicycles in this area is very comfortable. There are plenty of stores and small markets with everything you need in this area as well.

The outcomes

The official website Spain-Real.Estate offers a catalog of outstanding housing units at reasonable prices. Due to the comprehensive selection of real estate in Seville, every buyer can find a perfect house and start a new life in an amazing location.

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