Why Was Dwayne Haskins On The Highway {April} Read!

The guide shares dismissal news to help readers know Why Was Dwayne Haskins On The Highway. 

Do you know who is Dwayne Haskins? He was a former quarterback who was pronounced dead on Saturday morning after being hit by a dump truck on the Florida highway.

The 24-year old NFL player was seen crossing the road of westbound lanes of Interstate 595 when the accident occurred and took his life. The crash happened around 6.37 AM on Saturday. 

Soon after the news started circulating, fans in the United States and Canada asked Why Was Dwayne Haskins On The Highway

About the News

Sources confirmed that the famous quarterback resided in Florida to pursue his training. A person from South Florida reported that he spotted Haskins on the Westbound lanes of Interstate-595. He was crossing the highway when the accident happened that took his life. The person claimed that he spotted the quarterback a few moments before the crash.

The person called 911 after the crash that happened at 6.37 AM. The Florida highway patrol team reached the spot and claimed that the crash was reported around 5-6 minutes after the crash. However, it is unclear Why Was Dwayne Haskins Walking On The Highway.

Haskins was walking on the freeway on the facility with limited access of the interstate highway. He was crossing the interstate 595 highway when the crash occurred with the dump truck. But, the reason for crossing or walking on the highway is still not apparent. 

The eyewitness of the accident doesn’t have an answer to the question. He had seen Haskins crossing the interstate 595 highway when the accident occurred, and soon after the collision, he called 911 to inform the highway patrol team. 

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About Dwayne Haskins!

Dwayne Haskins was a famous NFL player who played as a quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington. He was only 24-year old when he was stuck with a dump truck and pronounced dead. Haskins was born on 3rd March 1997 in Highland Park, New Jersey. Presently, he resides in Florida to pursue his training with the Trubisky and other team offense. 

Haskins managed to secure the 15th overall rank in the 1st round NFL draft. He debuted at the position of quarterback in NFL in 201-20 and played for Washington. Unfortunately, dismissal news surfaced on Saturday morning, and all his fans started sharing their condolences over social media.   

Eyewitness On Why Was Dwayne Haskins On The Interstate?

The eyewitness of the crash, Chris Stanley, said he didn’t know Why he was on the interstate 595 highway. He was driving to the airport to drop his daughter when the accident occurred on the interstate 595 highway. He saw the quarterback crossing interstate 595 for unclear reasons. 

He added that Haskins was walking on the highway’s right lane with limited access. The eyewitness also confirmed the accident timing when he called 911.


Dismissal news was disturbing for the NFL community and fans that were seen mourning for the departed soul on social media. 

The accident occurred on the interstate highway, but none confirmed Why Was Dwayne Haskins On The Highway.

Do you know why the quarterback is on the highway? Please, share it in the comment section below. 

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