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Are you somehow acquainted with espionage crime? Do you know someone who was arrested due to this charge or who was misunderstood about the same in the United States? Yes, you’re getting the hints in the right way. We’re talking about the 2018 incident. 

The person was none other than Paul Whelan who is an American but has been a captive in Russia for a long time. Many people don’t know much about him. Who’s he and why is he famous? Let’s see the detailing of Paul Whelan 2022

Why is Paul Imprisoned? 

Paul Whelan is an American inhabitant who’s also a resident of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. Back in 2018, he was imprisoned at a Moscow motel in December 2018 and charged with espionage accusations. He has been denying this fact and calling this charge falsified. 

Espionage is the crime of scouting or of employing spies, commonly by administrations to attain political and martial evidence. He was sentenced and censured in June 2020 to 16 years in the penitentiary in a prosecution United States administrators condemned as illegal.

Who Is Paul Whelan

Paul Whelan is a Canadian with American, British, and Irish citizenship. He is a retired marine who indulged in amphibious warfare and expeditionary warfare. He is characterized as a corporate defense manager. He obtained a guilty procedure clearance from his duty. 

He was noted to have formerly operated as a police officer in Michigan. From the initial years of his life, he was interested in being an IT manager, military, investigations, criminal justice, etc. In his personal life, only his brother Andrew Whelan and sister Elizabeth Whelan are known to us. 

Why is Paul Whelan 2022 Trending? 

Paul’s case was hot in 2018 and somehow settled down in 2020. But, why is this trending today? It’s trending because of the case hearing. Yesterday means on 27th July 2022 early in the morning it was announced that Paul is going to spend more time in prison. 

There was another criminal with him named Trevor Reed. He was out yesterday but Paul’s family got the shock of their lives that Trevor was arriving back and Paul was not. That’s why it’s a hot topic today and trending too. 

Some More Details of Paul-

Let’s have a look at Paul Whelan Wiki now-

  • Name- Paul Nicholas Whelan
  • Date of Birth- March 5, 1970. He is recently 52 years old 
  • Place of Birth- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Citizenship- Canadian, American, Irish and British
  • Family- Andrew (brother) and Elizabeth (sister) and reportedly, he had British parents with Irish ancestry. 
  • Occupation- Corporate defense manager 
  • Country of detainment- Russia 
  • Indictment- Espionage 
  • Penalty- 16 years behind the bars 
  • Period Held- 1307 days 
  • Social Media Handles- Paul was active on LinkedIn and Twitter


As a final verdict, the crime of Paul can be true and can be false too. But, the Paul Whelan 2022 hearing is indeed hurtful for his hopeful family members. This is a tough time for everyone connected with Paul.

We just wish and pray that the truth reveals itself and that the family members get solace soon. We have collected all the authentic information from the Internet. What are your views on the current scenario? Please comment down.

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