Era Of Althea Trello {July} Explore Features, Link!

This article describes a popular Roblox game with millions of online gamers and its prominent features. Read about details about the Era of Althea Trello.

Are you interested to know about a trending Roblox game with millions of online gamers? Do you want to know all the major features provided to gamers? Keep reading as we explore the game and its rewards. 

Roblox gamers Worldwide are excited to participate in the Era of Althea Trello. The game also provides various codes to upgrade the gaming profile. Apart from those, gamers can also customize their characters. Let’s take a deep dive into the topic and understand more.

About Era of Althea

The Era of Althea is an action, exploration, adventure, and role-playing game built on the major Roblox platform. The game got developed by Visual Studios on 15th January 2021. Currently, the game has over 200 million active monthly users. This game is available on the Trello platform and link is given in the conclusion.

Apart from the basic gaming features, Era of Althea allows players to upgrade their gaming gears, characters, and much more advanced gaming techniques. Keep reading to know more about the Era of Althea Rarity.

Major Features of Era of Althea

  • The Era of Althea provides its users with interesting and engaging tasks and quests. In addition, the gamers who complete these tasks and quests advance to the next gaming level.
  • The combat system available in the gameplay helps the online players battle with other players. The winners of the battle get rewarded with gaming points.
  • Using the combat system, the player can also use various armor and weapons.
  • The gamers are provided with an expansive world, where they are provided with choices to choose among different gaming areas on the gaming map.

Era of Althea Races

  • The Era of Althea provides different races to its gamers to choose from. 
  • All the races listed on the gaming platform have different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.
  • The gamer can select their suitable race according to their gaming skill and rankings.
  • The major races available to gamers are Human, Xoviac, Noble, Elf, Jakkon, and Liger.
  • The gamer needs to re-roll or spawn with the races to obtain the race.

Important Codes for Gamers

Era Of Althea codes needs to be used to improve gaming features and increase rankings. At the time of writing, all the codes mentioned below were working. Make use of the Era of Althea Race Tier List codes mentioned below:

  • 1KLikes! – This code enables the gamer to have free spins.
  • 75KVisits! – Enter this code to get 25 free spins.
  • 7KMembers! – This code enables 15 free spins.
  • 50KVisits! – The gamer gets 30 free spins for this code.
  • 5KMembers! – This code also enables 15 free spins.
  • 1.5KPlayers! – Use this code for 20 free spins.


The Era of Althea is a trending Roblox game that provides impressive gaming features. Apart from that, gamers can use gaming codes to enhance their performances. To know about the community activities on Trello, please visit here.

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