Read On Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death- Who Is Everleigh’s Real Dad? How Did He Die? Learn About Labrant Family!

In this article, we will inform you about Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death and what is the response of the Labrant’s and Everleigh. Keep reading.

Do you know who the biological father of the young dancer Everleigh Labrant is? What is the family mystery of Labrant and Tommy? The eldest kid of this family, Everleigh’s biological father, passed away. 

Worldwide famous YouTube channel The Labrant Family fans are raising the question about Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death and what they are doing about it. People are expecting a reaction or words from Everleigh. To get complete details on this controversy, follow this article thoroughly.

Controversial Story

Everleigh has been living with his family since 2016. Her mother Savannah, married the YouTuber Cole. After the separation of Savannah and Tommy, she raised Everleigh as a single mother, and soon she got along with Cole and married him. In 2017 they created a YouTube channel in which they post daily life vlogs of family. Recently Everleigh’s biological father died due to unknown reasons on 9 September 2022. 

Everleigh’s Real Dad

Despite living with family of Labrant, Everleigh is the real daughter of Tommy Smith. However, after the death of Tommy, there are multiple posts, and social media love shared for that guy. Still, there is no response from the Labrant even after Savannah and Everleigh are personally connected with Tommy Smith. 

Courtney Santaella is the present girlfriend of Tommy Smith. She revealed the death of Tommy on her Instagram post, where she posted a picture of both and wrote about her love for Tommy and how she felt about losing him. 

How Did Tommy Smith Die?

The reason behind the death of Tommy is unrevealed by her girlfriend, Courtney. She only posted a picture and wrote about him and her feelings about losing Tommy. Additionally, there is not much information available about his death. 

On researching Tommy, we came across information where his friend is sharing a quote that he was consuming toxic substances, which could be a possible reason for his death. 

The Labrant family has more than 13.1 million subscribers on YouTube and shares their marriage videos and daily life vlogs with their four children, Everleigh, Poise, Zealand, and Poise. Labrant Family, no response to the death of Tommy, shook their fan base, and they are accusing the Labrants’ as they are influencing Tommy’s daughter as well and expecting a soon response to this whole controversy.


The biological father of Everleigh died at the age of 29 on 9 September 2022. The current girlfriend of Tommy posted their picture on Instagram, but there is no response from the Labrant family. 

Do you think Labrants are influencing the thoughts of teenager Everleigh? Share your thoughts below. Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death details of Tommy death. can be seen in this link 

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