Where Was Dennis Waterman House? Dennis Waterman Where In Spain?

We have discussed the late Hollywood actor Dennis Waterman and his life in this post. We also talked about Dennis Waterman House.

Are you a fan of the police drama The Sweeney actor Dennis Waterman? Do you want to know about the actor and his life? If so, then keep on reading to know more. 

Dennis Waterman, who played Detective Superintendent George H. Carter in the detective miniseries, just passed away. Many people Worldwide are interested in learning more about the late actor, his life, and where he resided. So, in this essay, we’ll talk about Waterman’s life, career, and Dennis Waterman House.

Where Was His House?

Dennis Waterman, with his wife Pam, was most likely residing in Madrid, Spain, when Dennis passed away in a Spanish hospital. Dennis appears to adore Spain, as evidenced by his many travels there throughout his multiple holidays.

Furthermore, his dad was a Second World War soldier who appears to have purchased the land in Spain; it is possible that he relocated into the estate that his dad had purchased many years before. Although their kids were all in London and Paris, the couple appeared to be united in his dying hours.

Let us now discuss the late actor’s demise details and Dennis Waterman Where In Spain lived.

Who was Dennis Waterman?

Dennis Waterman was a famous British actor known for playing tough guys in several television shows. Just at the age of eight, Waterman’s sister introduced him to acting. He began performing on stage shortly after, and at the age of twelve, he made his cinematic debut. 

He traveled to Hollywood at the age of fourteen to star in the tv comedy Fair Exchange. He portrayed a variety of roles until retiring at 67. He performed in almost two dozen films and several television and theater performances over his career, which spanned from 1960 to 2015.

We are now well known about Dennis Waterman House, let us talk about the personal life of The Sweeney actor. 

Dennis Waterman: Personal Life 

Dennis Waterman married four times. In 1967, he wedded Penny Dixon for the first time. In 1976, the couple separated.

He married artist Patricia Maynard in 1977, and they had two children, Hannah Elizabeth Waterman & Julia Martha Waterman. In 1987, the marriage ended. Their daughter Hannah became an actor.

He then married Rula Lenska, an English-Polish actress, in 1987. Because of his aggressive conduct against her, they parted the next year. Lastly, he married Pam Flint in 2011 and lived with her until his death. 

What was Dennis Waterman’s Cause of Death And Dennis Waterman House?

Dennis Waterman, 74, passed away. Derek Webster, the actor’s agent, told The various media agencies that Waterman’s wife Pam informed him of his demise on Sunday and also that he died in an unnamed hospital in Spain. There was no explanation offered more than that. So, the cause of his death and the name of the hospital where he died is still unknown. His house is in Spain.


Dennis Waterman was one of the finest British actors in Hollywood, and his tough-guy roles are loved by all. To learn more about Dennis Waterman’s demise, click here. 

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