What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born {Feb} Know!

The article What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born talked about a NASA telescope and its pictures.

Which picture does NASA take on my birthday? Why are people searching for this?

If you are interested in space, then this article is your interest. Wondering how? Keep you calm and read the article. You can uniquely label your birthday. NASA has something interesting for you.

Worldwide, people are curious about What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born?

Details On NASA

National aeronautics and space administration, known as NASA, is an American space research organization. It is an organization run by the U.S. government. The organization was formed back in 1958. 

With many achievements, NASA is one of the biggest space agencies in the world. Astronauts from NASA were the first humans to step on the moon ever. Under the project Apollo, NASA succeeded in landing humans on the moon in 1969. 

They have launched several space missions and succeeded in many of them. For example, project mercury, Space shuttle program, constellation program, journey to mars, etc. 

To know about What Photo Did Nasa Take On My Birthday, keep reading. 

What Is the Hubble Telescope?

Also known as Hubble is a telescope launched into space by NASA in 1990. If we have to explain how much Hubble weighs and how big it is in general terms, we could say it is as big as a school bus. And its weight is equal to two elephants. 

For thirty years, Hubble has been capturing pictures of the space daily. It moves around the earth at a speed of 5 miles per hour. So, it has captured thousands of events that took place in space. For example, death and birth of stars. 

What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born?

While Hubble is taking pictures in the space of several objects and happening every day, week and month, many people are wondering what it may have captured on their birthday. People are curious about what would be captured by this massive telescope on their special day.

In 2020 Hubble turned 30 years old. We can easily find out what Hubble captured from space on their birthday. On the 30th anniversary of the Hubble telescope, NASA provided a system on their official website.

You can find the link on the NASA website for this. But for our readers, we have provided a direct link to What Picture Did Nasa Take When I Was Born. 

As per NASA, Hubble had played a significant role for them. Photographs of stars, black holes and galaxies captured by it have helped NASA a lot to understand outer space. Till now, five times NASA has upgraded its camera. 


Space, as always, amazed humans. We have always been curious about what lies in the outer world. As a kid, everyone dreamed of visiting space once in their life. But with the help of technology today, we can see it while sitting inside our homes. Here is the link to see the picture  

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