Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born {Feb} Know Hubble!

This article describes a feature provided to check the image taken by the Hubble telescope on the birth date. Read on Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born.

Are you interested to know about the photo taken by a famous space telescope on your birthday? If yes, stay with us till the end as we will be exploring all the relevant information associated with this exciting topic.

Astrophiles Worldwide are excited about this fantastic feature provided by a famous American space agency on its official website. Such innovative features help the students and other space enthusiasts develop more exciting ideas. Learn about the Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born.

About Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope is a space telescope launched by NASA on 24th April 1990. The telescope was launched into space using the Space Shuttle Discovery rocket. This space telescope is the most versatile and largest.

The main telescope consists of the Ritchey–Chrétien reflector type with a focal length of 57.6m. Hubble is designed and developed in such a manner to capture images with high-end resolution. The pictures captured by this telescope have helped provide a more profound exploration into space and various astronomical activities. Read about What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday.

How To Check Your Birthday Cosmic Picture?

  • Visit the official website of NASA.
  • In the search bar, type “Hubble Birthday” and click search.
  • Click the second search link available from the search results.
  • The link will lead you to a page that asks for your birthdate.
  • Select your birth date and click submit.
  • The picture taken by the Hubble telescope on your birthdate is available after completing the steps mentioned above.
  • The user can save the image to their phone or PC as the website allows users to save the high-end quality image.

Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born

  • The official website of NASA has introduced an exciting feature that provides a photo of the space taken by the largest telescope in space.
  • The user needs to submit their birthdate, and the photo taken by the Hubble telescope is provided to the user.
  • The user also gets to know more astronomical information associated with the photo.
  • Moreover, if the user is interested to know in-depth details about the photo, NASA provides documents and relevant website links.

More On Hubble Telescope Photo

  • The user receives a high-resolution image related to Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born.
  • Click the “See Full Image” option to get a complete image. For a better viewing experience, open the image and view it on full-screen mode on your device.
  • Firefox users must turn off their content blocking feature on the browser’s setting to share the image on social media.


The impressive feature provided by NASA through their official website of viewing the photo taken of people’s birthday is a highly innovative concept that helps people explore more about space. To know more on this article, kindly check.

Have you tried to see the Nasa Picture Of The Day You Were Born? If yes, share your experience below.

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