What Is Counter Social: Know About Counter Social App, Reviews & Who Owns ?

What Is Counter Social application? What are the users’ reactions to it? Read this news article and know all the matters along with the details of the features.

Do you love to spend your free time scrolling on social media? Are you a regular user of social media and love to post pictures and videos? However, due to sudden advertisements, it’s become annoying sometimes to post and upload your favorite stuff.

But, now if you read this article, you will get to know all the information which can help Worldwide netizens to get rid of these advertisements. Yes, we are writing What Is Counter Social, so read the blog to gather all about this application.

Introduction of this application:

Counter Social is a recently launched application to keep its users engaged. This social media application is getting hyped due to its unique features. The application is designed with unique features like, when you use this application, you will not get any types of promotional abuse, advertisement, foreign influence operations. This application allows users to connect endlessly without any interruption. These new features have attracted many netizens Worldwide and make it unique from other popular community platforms.   

Counter Social Reviews:

According to the available data and our fellow team’s research report, we can say that this application has received good reviews and ratings. The report has revealed that it has already succeeded in accumulating 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, which is very much satisfactory and excellent for any newly launched application. 

Coming to the reviews, users have shown their satisfaction in their comments, where they stated that the application is running smoothly without any technical glitches. Moreover, users have also specified that there is no advertisement in between.

What Is Counter Social– More about it:

You must know the details of the features before using the application. For those who have not tried this application, read this paragraph-

  • You will get the facilities of 7K emergency radio frequencies. This highly advanced application is enriched with ‘COSOCOM.’ Therefore, the application has the ability to tune itself quickly if any incident happens.
  • You can also create groups like other social media applications using this application. The group can be public or private; you can customize it as you want with the help of the application’s setting.
  • You can do conference calls with this application. In this Counter Social App, you get the option to make a private conference call. Along with this feature, users also get advanced features like anyone can invite anyone to this conference call.
  • Here you can enjoy the integrated, secured 500 TB file sharing features. Moreover, this application uses a highly advanced security system called Encryption. In encryption technology, the shared file remains encrypted so that no third parties can decode it. Additionally, users have the authority to set the downloading limit.

The Bottomline:

In conclusion, we must declare that this social application has received positive appreciation from users as it gives some unique facilities, which you can’t get from the other media channels. Besides, Who Owns Counter Social? Counter Social Dev owns it. Do you wish to know more? Kindly tell us in the remarks section.

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