Tesla Trading Org Scam {Sep} Find Features, Legitimacy

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Teslatrading.org. Also, learn about its legitimacy in this Tesla Trading Org Scam article.

Tesla company had gained immense popularity in the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. The company is progressing with many innovative projects such as Tesla spacecraft, Starlink projects, Etc. 

Did you know that scammers are taking advantage of the brand name Tesla and plotting various investment scams? Do you want to know the legitimacy of Teslatrading.org before investing? Then, check the interesting facts below about Tesla Trading Org Scam.

Teslatrading.org scam:

Teslatrading.org is a young website registered in Florida, USA, on 14th-September-2022. It is eight days old with a short life expectancy as its registration will expire on 14th-September-2023.Hence Tesla trading org seems a scam.

With the perspective of payments, Teslatrading.org gained an 86% suspicion score, a 99% spam score, a 38% malware score, and a 99% score on threat and phishing profiles. Due to this, Teslatrading.org is a high-risk scamming website targeting users’ devices, personal and payment information.

Though Teslatrading.org is not blacklisted and uses a secured HTTPS protocol, it gained a terrible 1% trust score, which answered Is Tesla Trading Org Legit? It gained a terrible domain authority score of 2/100, a 0% business ranking, and a terrible 2,237,259 Alexa Rank. 

Features of Teslatrading.org:

Teslatrading.org registration details show Vihaan Martinez as the contact person. However, the contact details of Vihaan and the website’s owner is hidden using internet censorship services. 

Further, the website did not mention terms of use, privacy policy, customer service contact, or email. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 83 days.

It targets innocent investors who get trapped reading about €4K earnings without doing any job!

Tesla Trading Org Scam plot:

Teslatrading.org is a scam as it did not provide extensive information about how investors’ money is utilized. The website provided general information promising an ROI of €4,000.00/month. The website lures the investor, informing them they need not work but sit and relax because Teslatrading.org will give good earnings.


Teslatrading.org reviews conclude that the website is a scam. It takes advantage of generic material available on the internet about Elon to create generic advertisements. It give an impression that Teslatrading.org is related to Tesla company. There is no endorsement/affiliation found for Teslatrading.org and its contact person Vihaan from Tesla company. Hence, we do not recommend Teslatrading.org. 

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