Why Was Not Prince Philip a King – Why Did Queen Elizabeth Make Him Only A Prince? How Old Was He When Died? Know About Prince William Duke of Cambridge!

Please scroll down and learn Why Was Not Prince Philip a King with other important facts about the royal family attached to it.

Why Prince Philip was never titled King despite being the late Queen Elizabeth II’s husband for 74 years of their marriage? Do you often wonder about this question but cannot get the answer? If so, we are here to help you by uncovering the reality of the reason Prince Philip had never become a king.

This is a topic of discussion Worldwide as the whole world looks up to this royal family. Let us go directly to Why Was Not Prince Philip a King?

The Reason Prince Philip Never Titled As King

Late Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as the Queen in 1952, after the death of King George VI, father of Elizabeth II. She took over the charge at 22 years old. Later she married Philip. But the question arises of why Philip Was titled, Prince?

The reason is that when the late Queen started governing her position, patriarchy in society was more deep-rooted than it is today. Though the spouse of a King or a Queen got these titles naturally after marriage, Elizabeth II never allowed the title of King to her husband.

The answer to Why Did Queen Elizabeth Make Philip a Prince is that Elizabeth II knew if she made her husband the King, all power would gradually go to him. He became the helm of the entire affairs, and the aura of a King eclipsed her existence. This is the theory that people must accept.

One thing we must highlight is Camilla, the wife of the new King Charles after the Queen died, titled Queen because the late Queen publicly announced that she would love to see her son Charles as the King and Camilla as the Queen after she died. Therefore, Camilla, after the Queen’s death, Elizabeth II titled Queen.

How Old Was Prince Philip When He Died

Prince Philip died at Windsor Castle. He was the Duke Of Edinburgh at the time of his death. He was under treatment in the hospital due to an infection. Prince Philip was 99 years old at the time when he died. On 10th June 1921 he was born, and died on 9th April 2021.

He might have completed his 100 years if he had lived more than two months. But as we know from the sources, Prince Philip did not want any grandeur on his birthday.

Why Prince William Duke of Cambridge Trending

Queen Elizabeth died on 8th September 2022. After her death, all the related things in the royal family are trending in the news. Prince William is also the Duke of Cambridge, the grandson of the late Queen; therefore, he is circulating on the internet.


Based on internet research, we can say that Queen Elizabeth II never allowed her husband Prince Philip to get a title as a king due to her governing position. At the time of her death, she officially announced that her son and daughter-in-law will be the next Queen and King. 

Therefore, Philip remained lifelong as a Prince till his death. Do you wish to add more about Why Was Not Prince Philip a King? Please comment below. 

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