Dark Forest Theory Wiki {June} Explore Series Story Plot

Dark Forest Theory Wiki is searched after Netflix released an update on The Three-body Problem series. Let us see some information here.

Are you interested in watching Sci-fi drama? Netflix has several series in this category that you can watch. But what Netflix is most excited is about the work progress of the new Sci-fi adaption series. This series is based on Chinese writer Liu Cixin’s novel “The three-body problem.”

Viewers eagerly await to watch it on the United States-based streaming platform Netflix. But here we will talk about Dark Forest Theory Wiki, the same writer’s second book in a trilogy.

What is the latest news on The Dark Forest?

Netflix is working on Three-Body Problem, but people have a query on The Dark Forest. So, it is the second listing of the same project. The production team is also the same as The Three-Body problem.

Everyone, including Weiss, Johnson, Benioff, Pitt, Pike, and Woo, are excited about this Sci-fi drama. The Dark Forest is the title of Liu Cixin’s second book in The Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy.

What is in The Dark Forest Theory Wiki?

The novel was released in 2008 in the Chinese language. Its English version was released later in 2015 and translated by Joel Martinsen. It is the second novel in the list but in general Chinese readers call it the first novel in the series.

The story’s plot: Earth is in shock with the discovery of an impending alien invasion that will take place in four millennia. The human accomplices of the aliens have been vanquished, but the sophons—subatomic particles that give Trisolaris instant access to all human knowledge.

According to Dark Forest Theory WikiTrisolaris instant access mean that Earth’s defense strategies are now open to attack. However, only the human mind is still a mystery.

This is the impetus behind the Wallfacer Project, where four men create a plan hidden from Earth and Trisolaris.

Out of them, three are well-known scientists and leaders. At the same time, the fourth Wallfacer is completely unknown. Chinese sociologist and unambitious astronomer Luo Ji is perplexed by his new position. He thinks that he is the one Wallfacer whom Trisolaris want to kill. What happened next in the story? You can continue reading Dark Forest Theory Wiki.

Production status and release date of Netflix’s The Three-Body Problem

Netflix announced The Three-Body Problem series in September 2020. Liu work on the production as a consultant producer. It started production in November 2021 in China and the UK, with a deadline of August 2022. There is no official data on its first season release date. But the chances are that it will release on Netflix in 2023.


The Remembrance of Earth Past trilogy has three books in the series The Three-Body Problem, released in 2006; the Dark Forest, released in 2008; Death’s End, published in 2010.

Netflix is working on television series of the first book, whereas Dark Forest Theory Wiki is also trending. To read the complete information on The Dark Forest, click here.  

Are you also interested in The Three-Body problem series? Then, write in the comment section below if you read this novel.

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