Energybills-project.Com Scam {Sep} Find Hidden Facts! Scam texts are fooling several people in many places in the UK. To know about this scam, kindly read this post here.

Are you also getting scam texts from Energy bills? If yes, please be aware because this scam can also steal your credentials and hack your device. Many people in the United Kingdom are getting such Scam texts. What is this text, and how is it stealing data? To know more details related to this phishing scam, kindly check this post and be aware.

What is an Energy Bills Scam?

Many people are receiving texts that claim that the recipient is eligible to avail of discounted Energy bills. This text shares a link with a user that also claims to contain a gift for the recipient. Once the recipient has clicked on that link, it will redirect to a phishing site of the Energy Bill Project. It can have a negative impact on your system as such links can have malware, viruses, etc.

What is the Energy Bills Support Scheme?

The Energy bill Support Scheme is a scheme of the government that provides around a £400 discount to all eligible households to lower their energy bills from 2022 to 2023. People with electricity connections in Wales, Scotland, and England are also eligible to avail of this discount. The residents need not go to any office or register themselves. You will get a discount on monthly electricity bills. The discount will be applicable on 6 months’ bills beginning in October 2022. The residents will get a discount in October and November of £66 and £66 from December to March.

But, some fraudsters are misusing this scheme and sending Scam texts to the residents. But, if you have received such a fraudulent message, you can immediately block the sender and report the message. It is better that you avoid clicking on such links.


Summing up this write-up, we have informed the readers to be aware of phishing scams of Energy Bills Project  and take strict action against such scammers if you are scammed. Also, we have mentioned some details regarding this support scheme to give discounts on energy bills. It is a good initiative, and eligible people will surely get its benefits.

What are your thoughts on Scam? Please share your views if you have received such texts from the scammers and what actions you have taken.

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