How Did the Grand Inquisitor Die {May} Know Facts Here!

The article discusses the recent Star Wars series update and also discusses How Did the Grand Inquisitor Die. Read the article and know more.

What do you know about the Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars? Do you have any idea how they die? If you don’t know anything about this, the article will help you understand. Star Wars Galaxy is already very famous among the audience and gamers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In the “Kenobi Series,” people find that Jedi are hunted by Inquisitors. The inquisitors got the most critical task to catch the Jedi. But besides this, also the Inquisitor died. Many people want to know How Did the Grand Inquisitor Die. Let’s find the answer.

Do you have any ideas? 

The Inquisitor was an intimidating image. The inquisitors are always in black dress. Actually, the Inquisitor fights against Kanan Karras and their alliances. But the most exciting matter is that the Inquisitor died in a duel with Kanan. It was a lightsaber duel.

The duel fight is significant. It will decide the Jedi’s victory in the battle. The Jedi and Inquisitor were fighting for a very long time. But the death of Inquisitors will decide everything in the battle. It is also essential to know the numbers of Inquisitors.

How Many Grand Inquisitors Are There

As per the recent update of the Star Wars canon, there are 12 inquisitors. It is also seen the Inquisitors have appeared via various mediums. For example, the Star Wars Rebels Series and multiple comics. The Inquisitors are also available on the Jedi: Fallen Order Video game.

It is also essential to know about the Inquisitors in the Star Wars. The inquisitors are the dark force and serve the “Darth Vader” and the “Emperor”. The inquisitors are operating their work from the “Coruscant” planet until the incident changes the whole thing.

How Did the Grand Inquisitor Die

We need to know about the death of the Grand Inquisitors. The Grand Inquisitor’s death took place in the final part of Star Wars Rebels. In the first season, the Inquisitor died. In the first season, the main work of the Grand Inquisitor was to capture Kanan Jedi Jarrus. Grand Inquisitor’s also tried to capture Bridger Ezra in the final episode.

After many battles and hunting, finally, the Grand Inquisitor captured Kanan Jedi. After capturing the Jedi, Grand Inquisitors took him to Mustafar. Jedi was tortured and interrogated over there. But many people also want to know Why Did the Grand Inquisitor Kill Himself?

Why is the News Trending? 

The rat race between Jedi and Inquisitors took the attention of millions of audiences. Star Wars is now very famous for the battle between Jedi Kanan and Inquisitor. It also reveals that due to the failure of the Inquisitor killed himself. That is the main reason the news is trending.


As per a recent report, the audiences can watch Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus from May 27, 2022. Lots of audiences are already starting watching the series. But the main question still remains and people want to know: How Did the Grand Inquisitor Die!

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