Virtual tour and VR tour. Is There Any Difference?

We live in a constant flow of information. Today, the average inhabitant of the Earth receives as much new information in a month as a person of the 17th century received in his entire life.

Every day we hear about new inventions and innovations, and it is very easy to get lost in their multitude. You will be surprised how often the concepts of virtual tour and VR tour (tour in virtual reality) are confused. And there is nothing surprising here: in both of them we see the words “virtual” and “tour”.

In this article, we will understand why these are two different tools?

Virtual tour

Virtual tours real estate (3D tour, tour 360, virtual staging) is an interactive virtual project, a presentation with the effect of presence created on the basis of 3D panoramas 360° or 3D visualization. 

The tour consists of one or more 3D panoramas linked by transition links. The main difference between a 360° panorama and a regular image is that we can rotate it and look at everything that is captured around us. Virtual house staging can be easily placed on the site, be sure to inform your users about the innovation. After all, statistically more and more users are looking not just for apartments, but for “3d virtual tours real estate near me” or “virtual apartment staging near me”.

VR tour

VR is a great opportunity to get a better feel for the atmosphere. With the help of a VR tour with the possibility of virtual apartment staging, you can get acquainted with the object remotely, view all the details, and take a virtual walk around the object.

Immersing yourself in a virtual VR tour is not difficult, for this you need to have VR glasses or a VR helmet. Devices affect the hearing and vision of a person, which allows you to create a high-quality simulation of the surrounding world.

We call virtual reality tours that way for a reason. To understand how virtual tours for real estate work, just imagine that you are walking in a computer game. That’s all.

Unlike virtual tours, VR tours give us almost limitless possibilities:

Freedom of movement

We can take a step forward and backward, left and right – all objects will change. We can consider everything that interests us from different angles.

Limitless interactive

Open kitchen cabinet doors? Easy. Unfold the sofa and see how much space remains? Easily. Move the living room table to the center, change the wall decoration – the possibilities are endless.

Feeling of complete immersion

Put on VR glasses and walk around the apartment. Literally in seconds, your brain will begin to think that everything that is happening around is a reality. Be careful not to move too fast, you can get sick out of habit.

Virtual tour VS VR tour

Let’s summarize and look at the main differences between the two types of tours.

Each tool is used for its own purposes:

  • Virtual tour near me is great when you need to let a wide audience walk through it. For example, you can use a virtual tour to familiarize customers with your hotel or future residential complex;
  • If you want to produce a WOW effect and completely immerse a potential client in a virtual space, then a VR tour is the best fit. And the opportunities for interaction and freedom of movement will not leave anyone indifferent, even the most demanding buyers of luxury real estate.

Summing up, we would like to advise you to use both technologies, as they perfectly complement each other (especially since space modeling is done once and significantly reduces the cost of developing the second version of the tour).

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