Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored: Is Laura Schumacher Also In Those Pics, Find What Pictures And Video Leaked On Social Platforms Like Reddit, And Twitter

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The Wisconsin student volleyball team, known as the badgers, was going through a hard time as their pictures and videos got leaked. They were never meant to be seen by the public and are now circulated all over.

Have you heard about this news before? Do you know this news is circulating widely over the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom? This article about the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored until the end.

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What about the uncensored photos?

Last year in December 2021 when the badgers won over Nebraska in the national championship game. This was a massive win for them, and being overjoyed by it, the team clicked a lot of explicit pictures in their locker room. It was seen that the pictures were not clicked, hiding; instead, the whole team was aware that they were filmed and clicked, but those were not meant to share with the public and were clicked only for fun after being overjoyed by the big 10 championship win.

The Pics got leaked this year, and they came into the police’s hands on 20 October 2022 when the badgers reported them to the police as soon as they were aware of the leaked graphics and videos.

Since then, the police of the University of Wisconsin have been working hard to find the person who leaked those pics. The leaked pictures were a major issue as the team was going through a lot, and also they were famous, which might ruin their status.

Everyone is gushing about the pics nowadays, but it was not known since who leaked them.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored– what police have found till now?

Wisconsin police are working their best on this case and have been treating it as a priority as the team is famous, which might spoil their reputation. It was a new case according to the police as before this case, they had dealt with the case in which the person got blackmailed for explicit pictures or videos, but this was new to them.

The police have been investigating this case since it came into their hands, but no clue can be found about the person or group who has Leaked Pictures of the Wisconsin student volleyball team.

Did the pictures get leaked or hacked?

Well, it was not clear whether the pictures were leaked or they got hacked from one of the player’s phones. As of now, nothing is known about the pictures getting leaked, so police believed that it might be the hacking case, too, as the stuff was leaked by an unauthorized player phone. It was not found yet who was behind all this, so now, police will investigate whether it was a hacking case or something else.

The pictures and Video Reddit that were leaked before were removed from many sources on reddit. You can check them here . Here you can clearly see that the video was removed from the source.

Why is Laura Schumacher being talked about a lot nowadays?

Laura Schumacher talked a lot as her uncensored picture videos were shared by a Twitter account named Itsfunnydude11. Her pictures and videos were being shared on telegram and other social media, which disappointed her after she learned about all this.

As soon as Laura Schumacher Volleyball saw the stuff, she informed the police about it, after which it was said that soon the culprit would be found and punished accordingly. Laura is the one who is talked about a lot nowadays and is being searched a lot nowadays.

Leaked images don’t let them feel down: Badgers are on track again!!

The team showed an act of courage after they won the match, which was just 24 hours after the pictures got leaked. They won the match against Michigan, even if they were aware of the fact that their Picture was all around. They didn’t let their leaked pictures come between their match and proved it by acing the match against Michigan.

Kelly Sheffield was their coach who helped them assist their match. You can surely check their video in which they have aced the match. They have mustered up their courage and shown that whatever the situation is going on, they won’t let it come between their matches.

You can check out this link  Badgers aced the match and got many good wishes from the audience, and they got praised for not letting in the havoc going on in their lives between their match on Twitter.

Additional information:

Wisconsin police spokesman Lovicott said to the reporters that they were taking care of what the team needed and supporting them in their bad times. He refused to tell much to the reporters about this case and said that investigation was going on and soon the culprit would be found.

You can check out this link in which the team can be seen acing the match in the big 10 championships, and it is the same match after which they got on cloud nine and, during all this, ended up taking some Images and videos that they were unaware of that could get leaked too.


The Wisconsin student volleyball team’s private pictures and video got leaked, and it was not known until now who was behind the leaking of those pics. For more information about the Wisconsin university authority, message on Twitter click on the link.

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Photos Uncensored -FAQ:

Q.1 What is the name for which the Wisconsin volleyball team is known as?

The badgers.

Q.2 Are the pictures still there?

They have been removed from many sources, but they are still at some sources.

Q.3 Are the pictures on reddit?

No, they have been removed.

Q.4 When did the pictures get leaked?

On 20 October 2022

Q.5 Are the team pics filmed secretly?

No, they were aware that they were filmed.

Q.6 Who was the coach of the team?

Kelly Sheffield,

Q.7 Who is the Wisconsin police spokesman?

Marc Lovicott

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