Van Dyke Gets Into a Car Crash but Escapes With Minor Injuries

Van Dyke is an actor loved by many people and he starred in many classic films for children, such as “Mary Poppins” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Not long ago, we found out that he will play the “Gnome” on The Masked Singer’s 9th season premiere. He is in fact the oldest singer to perform on the show, being 97 years old.

Although the actor is still doing great and seems to have enough force to perform on the show, he’s been involved in a car crash recently. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, and the actor made it out of the event with nothing but some minor injuries.

The Accident

In accordance with sources, Dick Van Dyke lost his grip on his car while driving in wet circumstances. He crashed into an entrance in Malibu, California as a consequence. He was not driving under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. Also, he didn’t drive away and was picked up by someone.

The incident caused the actor to sustain injuries, leaving him with bloodied lips and a bloodied nose. He may have also suffered a concussion. But instead of taking him to the hospital, paramedics treated him there. He was then driven home by another man after being picked up.

Although the actor did not use any illegal substances, the police submitted paperwork requesting that he retake the driving test.

The route was hazardous because of the persistent rain that Los Angeles was experiencing at the time. Dyke admitted to losing control as his car started to slip towards the cops.

This was not his first accident.

His life was at risk while driving in Los Angeles roughly ten years ago.

Unexpectedly, his automobile caught fire, requiring him to stop and call for assistance. He attempted to call for help as he tried to get out of the car.

The actor’s Jaguar XJ burned out, so he snapped a photo of it and amusingly put it online with the message “Used Jag for sale, REAL CHEAP!” In the face of a potentially fatal situation, the actor’s sense of humour seems to have remained intact.

The actor was rescued from his burning car by a driver who had been driving by.

Following the tragic incident, Van Dyke was terrified, and his car was so badly burned that it was no longer recognisable. He watched everything in disbelief as a tow truck loaded his wrecked car.

subsequently claimed, in a conversation with Access Hollywood, “I never had so much PR.” The presenter, Billy Bush, questioned him, “How did it start? Only a little smoke coming from the front?

He mentioned that yes, it was a little smoke. He added that he called AAA to inform them about the incident, but that’s when he saw flames coming out, and he had to act quickly. Van Dyke also declared that it took 12 minutes for the fire department to get there and only 10 minutes for the paparazzi to reach the area.

Then, Van Dyke also gave some praise to the motorist who offered him some help when he needed to get out of the burning Jaguar.

He claimed that he was getting something off the car’s floor when someone came and pulled him out. According to Van Dyke, “He was a good Samaritan. Also, they believed the elderly man had left. He was an ideal Samaritan nonetheless. I was pulled out after he stopped. It’s helpful to know.

If the damaged vehicle had been substituted, Van Dyke would have been examined. Although he claimed to already have one, he added a fire extinguisher to the front seat of this vehicle.

In a video captured by his wife, Arlene Van Dyke, the officers asked the actor what he wanted to do with the damaged vehicle. He told them, “You can have it.”

The Bottom Line

As you can see, no one is spared of accidents as they happen every year in every city. For example, in Portland, there are around 10,000 – 12,000 reported car accidents per year. If you are like Van Dyke and make it out with little to no injuries, you can reach out to a Portland car accident attorney to help you claim the compensation you deserve. After the incident, you should try to exit the car safely and seek medical care as soon as possible if you’re injured. 

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