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Are you well assured with the recent news on Fort Lauderdale high school students? Do you want to know the complete incident which took place inside the school? Do you want to know the deceased mate’s reaction to the incident? This news has already created a lot of buss in the United States

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What happened inside the Fort Lauderdale High School?

On Thursday morning, a 17-year-old student of Florida Lauderdale High School jumped off from the school’s building third floor. The student tried to commit suicide while teachers, staff and his classmate witnessed the whole incident to save the student. The authority right away took the student to the hospital. Unfortunately, Fort Lauderdale High School Student Dies this morning, and the whole school is mourning his death.

More updates on the incident

The whole incident took place as follows;-

  • As per the various reports, the student left a note with a pencil before ending his life at 10 a.m.
  • Then the student went straight upwards and jumped off from the third-floor balcony. 
  • As per the statements of the fire Rescue chief of Fort Lauderdale, Mr. Stephen Gollan, regarding the High School Student Fort Lauderdale news, the security guards ran after the boy to rescue him but were unsuccessful.
  • Also, the authorities dialled 911 for help regarding the matter.
  • The authority took the student to Broward Health, where he was declared dead.
  • Soon after the incident, pictures of the dead body and the suicide note became viral, and every student received photos in the form of a message on their phone.

Why Fort Lauderdale High School Student Dies?

The suicide note left by the student contains his breakup details, and the deceased student urged every other student not to follow in his footsteps. The boy allegedly suffered from depression, and suicide is the second highest reason for death for 15 to 19 years old students. After the incident, the state Board for Education passed the rule for mandatory education on mental health orders to students between 6 to 12 grades.

The Final Statement

The entire school authority is mourning the news of High School Student Fort LauderdaleThe high school student incident is really unfortunate, and the school authorities must look after the student’s mental health and provide support and education to every student.

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