Newtoki120 Com {Mar} Explore The Legitimacy Factors Here

We have compiled all the essential data which will enable you to decide whether to use this website Newtoki120 Com or not.

Are you interested in reading cartoon comics? If you’re a periodic reader of comics, you must be acquainted with the recent website, which is contentious throughout South Korea. This is very recent, and different websites and cultures are dubious about its credibility. 

Even the knowledge of the operators is not known well. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about Newtoki120 Com

We will give our best to settle your curiosities. Keep scrolling down the article to know and understand more-

Which Sort of Website is this? 

This website is usually for comic lovers. However, people enthusiastic about skimming cartoons, cartoon characters and comics can be valuable. 

One can find all comics through exploration, and it is manageable to view by word and alphabetical order.

But, there are so many pessimistic views about this website. Unfortunately, there are very few websites that talk about this page and as per our understanding, the Newtoki 120 official website is not organized correctly. 

Let’s check it out; why and how is it being so controversial? Why it’s trust score so low that it is only 1 out of 100? And, so on-


  • Website-
  • Title- New Rabbit – Webtoon Preview
  • Description- Not mentioned 
  • Domain age- 4 months old
  • Website speed- Fast
  • WHOIS data- private
  • WHOIS registration date- 15th September 2021
  • WHOIS last update date- 17th December 2021
  • Organization- See
  • Owner- Domain supervisor
  • Address- Highland Ave, E. 1928, Ste F104 PMB 255 85016 Phoenix AZ.
  • Phone- +1.3478717726

Facts about Newtoki120 Com

  • The individuality of the website holder is concealed. So, this reality makes the legality of this website ambiguous. 
  • Malware has been attached to this website for a long time. Malware schedules announcers frequently without understanding, harming computer software that may infect your servers, networks and your computer.
  • The clerk of this website is prominent amongst defrauders, unfortunately. 
  • The individuality of the proprietor of the website is private on WHOIS. 
  • The age of this site is incredibly inexperienced. It is only 4 months old too, with so much negativity, controversies and many more. 

Advice about Newtoki 120

  • This website was built recently. So, we advise you to take a moment to survey this out before you come in contact with it. 
  • Malware has been launched, implying it has been formulated with a negative objective to work on a website or web waitperson. This can encompass credit card burglars, inoculated spam content, vicious redirects, website defacements etc. 
  • Most importantly, we couldn’t find a single positive comment, review or fact about this particular site. So, beware before doing anything related to this web page. 


To conclude we can say that now we know that Newtoki120 Com, is a Korea based website for comic readers. 

But we can’t suggest that you visit this website or use this for any purpose. Reasons are many and valid as well, which are stated above. 

Additionally, we would love to know your favourite comic in the comments section below-

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