UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam {July} Discover Hidden Reality!

Read information about UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam, a travel scam in Malaysia that deprived 380 pilgrims of performing Hajj.

Did you know the latest news about the travel scam by UC Travel in Malaysia? The Scam made a piece of trending news as it was related to the Hajj pilgrimage. Did you know that the pilgrimage started in Mecca on 9th July 2022? 

The most important days of pilgrimage are from 9th July to 12th July 2022; without attending them, the pilgrimage is incomplete. Let’s check about UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam below.

About UC Travel Scam:

UC Travel is one of the travel agencies present in Kuala Lumpur. Its pages are found on Facebook with 556 followers and only one post from February 2017. More than 768 comments and pictures were posted on its pages criticizing its current services and labeled their posts as Scams.

We can understand the unrest that prevailed among 380 pilgrims. Soon, people started taking pictures and circulating them on social media. Some pictures showed a UC Travel agent in the center of the crowd questioning him about the status. With the viral news, several netizens commented that the UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scammer at the airport is the Chief Executive Officer, Agus Rizal Mat.

How the Scam started?

UC Travel took a booking for pilgrimage from more than 380 people. Generally, the booking for pilgrimage starts approximately four to six months before the actual date of pilgrimage. A couple who booked their tickets with UC Travel said they had given more than RM76,000 for their pilgrimage.

The situation at KLIA:

Likewise, all 380 people had paid huge amounts to UC Travel, making it a huge scam of approximately RM14,440,000 (or) 3,261,804 in USD. UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam pilgrims, who went to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Thursday, 7th July 2022, and assembled on level 5 at the departure hall. UC Travel representative had informed them that the flight would leave for Jeddah at 4:30 PM local time.

Surprisingly, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport authorities informed the pilgrims that their flight was postponed until 7:00 PM local time. More shockingly, when pilgrims checked the last flight from Kuala Lumpur to the Jeddah airport, they found it scheduled at 6:00 PM local time.

People getting aware of the UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam:

With this, it was clear to pilgrims that there was some issue. Pilgrims started questioning their flight tickets and visas, which were not handed over to them. Furthermost, there were no pictures of flight tickets sent to the pilgrims by UC Travel. 


It was revealed that UC Travel had obtained private Visas issued by Saudi Arabs. However, the Visa is issued under Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) quota for pilgrimage. Hence, the private Visas are invalid. For the current year, 380 Malaysians have lost their chance to complete their pilgrimage. Seventeen police reports were booked under Section 420

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