Emma Selling Sunset Olympics {April 2022} Overview!

What has happened in season 5 of the Selling Sunset show? Why are people talking about the Emma Selling Sunset Olympics? You can learn in this article.

Are you interested in knowing what Emma Hernan mentioned in the ‘Selling Sunset’ show? Recently, Hernan made headlines after the ‘Selling Sunset’ season 5 was launched on Netflix. The netizens have found this latest season has some secret information about Emma, which she revealed on that show. The news has made a big headline in the United States and Canada. Therefore, if you wish to know about Emma Selling Sunset Olympics, you must read the entire blog patiently.

What about the news?

In the newly launched season of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Hernan has revealed that she got the qualifications for the Olympics. The Selling Sunset show launched its season 5 yesterday (22nd April 2022), around 5 months after launching the previous season. And just after launching the latest season, thousands of people engaged with the show. Viewers already met Hernon and got captivated by her at the time of last season, but in this season, she has revealed sensational information, which attracted netizens to media companies nationwide.

What did Emma From Selling Sunset reveal in the show?

Emma opens up about her opportunity to participate in the Olympics in season 5, episode 3. She specified that she once received the opportunity to participate in the swimming section Olympics. The subject was first to come up by the realtor when he was in the conversation with her client (Micah); however, Hernon did not go into more details. According to a news report, Emma Hernon has specified her Olympics qualifications in the past at the interview on ‘ Life Stories With Joanna Garzilli (via Popsugar).’

More about the news regarding Emma Selling Sunset Olympics:

As mentioned, she already declared her Olympic opportunity in the past in an interview, where she opened up about her swimming background in a television interview. She mentioned that she started learning to swim at the age of 6 by getting inspiration from her mother. Her mom was a famous swimmer in Massachusetts. In the 5th season of Selling Sunset, she again opened up about her passion for swimming, and lastly, she ended up telling that she got the chance in the Olympics in the swimming section. 

More about Emma Hernon:

Emma From Selling Sunset mentioned her passion for swimming; she also specified her biggest strength was the backstroke; However, she did not provide any information about how fast her Olympic-qualifying time was then. According to media news, at the age of 16, she started her modeling career, giving up on swimming. Emma’s fans in the United Kingdom and worldwide are inquisitive to know how fast she is in swimming, so to qualify for the Olympics, she needs to be as fast as possible to complete the trial.

Wrapping Up:

This blog revealed that Emma Hernon was a professional swimmer, as she also got a chance in the Olympics. You can know more about Emma Selling Sunset Olympics by reading the daily news article. Do you have any other queries? Please mention it in the comment box.

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