6 Factors To Consider While Subscribing To A Streaming Service In The Philippines

Streaming is a fun hobby, but with so many options, it may be difficult to choose a provider. You have the choice to unblock Hulu in Philippines, Peacock TV, HBO Max, or subscribe to Netflix. But what if you just have enough money for one streaming service, making that selection might be very challenging.

How do you choose the best streaming service? When making your decision, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have compiled 06 considerations for you here. See for yourself:

1 – Costs

It’s only natural that money would be the starting point for analysis. After all, few consumers can afford to pay for several streaming service subscriptions. No one should have to go through that. The price of a service may either boost its appeal or turn potential customers away.

Netflix is an excellent choice in this regard because it offers a wide variety of subscription plans in the Philippines.  The expensive Disney+ subscription, which includes Hulu and ESPN+, may also be a good choice.

2 – Value For Money

There is significant overlap between the libraries of various streaming services, but overall, each one offers a unique selection of content. You might find more to your liking in Netflix’s extensive and varied collection of videos. On the other side, HBO Max has an incredible library of series that you may find more appealing.

Alternatively, Disney+ is worth considering if you’re a huge fan of Marvel and Disney’s catalogs. If you’re going to pay for anything, you may as well get what you want out of it.

3 – Customer Reviews

There is no denying that reading customer reviews online may help you learn valuable information. You can only gain the kind of in-depth knowledge provided by reviews of streaming services unless you actually subscribe and utilize the service yourself.

Those considering dropping cable in favor of a streaming service may find reviews to be very helpful. By doing so, individuals might avoid learning by doing.

4 – Concurrent Connectivity

If you’re searching around for a streaming service, be sure it supports simultaneous playback. A streaming platform that allows you to watch on many devices at once is ideal if you have a family or roommates who may want to watch something else at the same time.

It’s also important to remember that after a certain limit, certain streaming providers will charge extra for permitting simultaneous viewing or the creation of numerous accounts.

5 – Mobile App

The streaming service’s mobile app requires evaluation. More than half of smartphone owners now subscribe to a streaming service like HBO Go or Netflix. Last year, the number was 46%, so it’s clear that mobile use has skyrocketed.

If you’re the majority of viewers, then you should think about how well each streaming service’s mobile app works for you. It’s possible that your personal preference for a certain app will play a role in your ultimate selection.

6 – Legal To Use

It’s the case that some consumers will forego a widely used streaming service in favor of one that is more regionally focused. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this method, not all streaming services are legit. As a result, you may be breaking the law if you use their app or visit their website. It’s possible that this might infect your computer with malware.

So, it is obligatory for you to research the legitimacy of any service you are thinking of subscribing to.

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing A Streaming Service

  • Accessibility

Check if the streaming service is available in the Philippines and whether it has a good selection of content available in the local market. Some streaming services may not be available in certain countries or may have limited content.

  • Language Options

If you prefer to watch content in a specific language, make sure that the streaming service offers content in that language or offers subtitles in that language.

  • Local Content

Consider whether the streaming service has a good selection of local content, such as Philippine movies and TV shows.

  • Payment Options

Check if the streaming service offers payment options that are convenient and accessible for you, such as credit cards, debit cards, or online payment platforms.

  • Free trial

Some streaming services offer a free trial period, which can be a good way to test out the service and see if it meets your needs before committing to a subscription.


It’s important to consider 6 factors to consider while subscribing to a streaming service in the Philippines, its compatibility with your devices, the quality of its content, the user experience, and any additional features it may offer. 

You should also consider whether the service is accessible in the Philippines, offers content in the language you prefer, has a good selection of local content, offers convenient payment options, has good customer support, and possibly offers a free trial period. 

Taking these factors into account can help you choose the streaming service that best meets your needs and budget.

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