Access Restricted YouTube Content in These Ways

No other content streaming platform comes close to YouTube in terms of popularity or recognition. There are numerous reasons behind the platform’s success. For starters, the platform boasts of a massive user base of approximately 2.5 billion, out of which hundreds of millions use the platform daily to consume the video content of their choice. Secondly, besides featuring millions of videos, the platform also houses a massive number of audio tracks, which cater to the requirements of users who love music.

According to Musically, YouTube is currently the world’s biggest music streaming service, surpassing giants like Spotify and Amazon Music. Last but not least, the platform offers creators to earn a livelihood by placing ads on their videos and giving them a significant amount of the money earned from advertising companies. 

The globally-renowned platform offers dedicated applications for numerous significant platforms, including iOS and Android. Besides this, individuals can also access YouTube by using their device’s web browser. Even though both methods work seamlessly, there are instances when users face issues while trying to access or use the platform to consume or upload content.

Thankfully, there are numerous methods following which users can resolve them. For instance, if a YouTube video not playing on iPhone, there are numerous ways following which users can fix the issue. For instance, users can try restarting their phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app, deleting their browser’s cache, etc. Similarly, Android users can also try fixing the “YouTube not working” issue by updating the dedicated app, clearing the app data, re-enabling it after disabling it, etc. 

YouTube is home to millions of videos belonging to different genres and categories. Amongst the plethora of videos, there are specific videos that are restricted, i.e., users are not allowed to watch them due to numerous reasons. For instance, it could feature mature or explicit content that is not safe to be watched by individuals belonging to younger age groups. Besides this, certain videos may be restricted for users of specific countries. Thankfully, there are multiple ways in which users can access restricted YouTube content by following specific methods. This article will list multiple tips and tricks following which users can easily access restricted content on their devices. Let us dive right into it:

Using a Third-Party Utility

There are instances when users wish to watch a specific YouTube video but are unable to because of the age restriction limitation. One of the most effective ways to get the job done is to use a third-party application that facilitates users to bypass restrictions and access YouTube content without hassle.

For instance, FreeTube is an excellent app readily available for major operating systems like Windows and macOS. All users need to do to get hold of the app for their Mac or PC is navigate to the official FreeTube website, download the app using the correct link, and install it on their device. Once the app is installed, users can watch any video, irrespective of restrictions, by searching for it in the app’s search bar or pasting the URL of the video into the app. 

Using a VPN

Besides the standard age-restriction limitation, specific videos on the platform also feature a location-based restriction, i.e., people residing in a specific area may not be able to watch videos with a location-based limitation. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy solution to the problem. Users of all platforms can bypass the location-based video restriction on YouTube videos using VPN software.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network app facilitates users to mask their IP address. Thanks to its IP-masking capabilities, VPN apps facilitate users to bypass the region-lock YouTube videos feature without hassle. VPNs feature top-tier security features that help users maintain anonymity while browsing the Internet. Moreover, they also allow users to access sections of the Internet that are blocked because of geo-restrictions.

All users need to do to access restricted videos on YouTube is install a good-quality VPN app like NordVPN or Expressvpn on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, turn it on and view the YouTube video they want using the app or web-based platform without hassle.

Using Media Players

Multiple media players allow users to stream videos using a URL. Such players facilitate users to bypass the restrictions implemented in any YouTube video and allow them to view it without hassle. The VLC Media Player is one such app. All users need to do to watch restricted YouTube videos is download the app on their Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet, install it, and enter the URL of the video they wish to watch. Using this feature will facilitate individuals to watch any YouTube video without hassle. 

If you wish to access restricted YouTube content on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, refer to and follow the aforementioned tips to get the job done easily. 

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