Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam {June 2022} Check Here!

The post gives all the details of the Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam and guides the viewers toward the correct news.

Have you heard of Starbucks? You must have heard about it. Starbucks is a renowned brand around the globe, and recently there was a scam that gained attention which made people Worldwide extremely shocked of the incident. The video that got viral and was considered a cup size scam in Starbucks made people think about how the Scam was done to them. Also, suppose you need to learn details on Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam, then keep reading this article where we will give you the details.

What is the news about?

The news was considered a scam where a large coffee cup grips the same quantity of coffee as the venti-cup. The video got viral on Twitter and other social networking sites where the cup is filled with ice. Some people said that it is not a scam and the ice is used to trick the customers. The news gained the limelight from all the customers around the globe because Starbucks is something very close to people’s hearts.

Essential points about Starbucks Cup Sizes Scam

  • Starbucks is the largest global chain that sells beverages and is best known for its coffee.
  • Starbucks also gained attention due to their specific logo on every cup of theirs and the distinct aroma of the coffee.
  • Since the shop was established in 1971, it gained huge appreciation for its quality, and till now, people claim to serve the customers the best quality of food and drinks to date.
  • The Scam related to the coffee mug put the shop under the scanner, and the news is doing circles on the social platform.

People’s views on Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam

People were very shocked to hear the news of the cup size scam, and they are now referring to all the sites that can give justification to the news. However, some sources revealed no such scam, and the ice is just used to trick the customers in the video. Starbucks has never cheated its customers and will not do so in the future. The video shows a grand cup that holds the equal quantity of coffee as the quantity you get in a venti cup added with ice, which shows that the customers get less coffee in the grand cup, according to the Starbucks Cup Sizes ScamThere are different cups present in the store where you get different quantities of coffee.

People who want to know the detailed news related to the Scam can read here 

Final Ending

We can say that this kind of news is created to make a hoax out of everything, and people should not pay attention to these kinds of rumours. Starbucks is a renowned brand, and we all know about its popularity; and it will never do such a thing that can hurt the sentiments of the people. What do you think about the news? Are you aware of the Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam? Comment below. Moreover, read How to avoid scam here.

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