Lt Fight Video {Oct 2022} Discover What’s Inside It!

Read complete details unavailable elsewhere about LT Fight Video showing a fight between two groups and a killer.

Did you know about a kill that took place near Brisbane Mall? The victim was identified as Lauie Michael Tagaloa, also referred to as L.T. Seyram Kwami Djentuh was identified as the killer. The incident shocked people Worldwide as both persons were very young and within the age group of 24 years. 

L.T. was lovable, and he recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. So let’s check about LT Fight Video.

About L.T. Kill:

L.T. was killed on Monday, 11th July 2022, at approximately 4:00 AM near the Brisbane Mall and the Brisbane train station. Many people witnessed the incident. Seyram had stabbed L.T. in his neck. 

Initially, the Brisbane police obtained CCTV footage of the incident, which showed a man between 180 to 190 centimeters tall, brown colored beard and hair, with proportionate body build, with a tattoo on his neck, left hand, and left forearm. 

At the same time, L.T. was wearing an ‘L.A.’ cap, Nike runners, black pants, Adidas T-shirt, a bright blue puffer jacket, and a light-colored hoodie.

LT Video Boxer:

L.T. was 24 years old and lived with his family in Brisbane. There was a rumor that L.T. was a boxer. But, there is no authentic source confirming the profession of L.T. Hence, till further clarifications, people assume that L.T. was not related to the boxing profession.

The Brisbane police had requested people to help identify the killer and launched Operation Uniform Mechanical to catch hold of the killer. Later, the killer was identified as 20 years old Seyram Kwami Djentuh, who lived with his family 20 miles away from Brisbane.

LT Fight Video:

Initially, when the video went viral, it was imported by many users. However, as the video is not accessible, and on some platforms, the footage has been censored by several clips, some YouTubers offer to send the video on demand in exchange for subscribing to their channel and liking their content.

The video showed Seyram in rage and L.T. having a conflicting conversation. There were few other individuals surrounding them while Seyram Kwami Djentuh stabbed L.T. Hence, it is also treated as a fight between two sizable groups.

Based on LT Fight Video, the police had arrested Seyram. Though he did not appear before the magistrate, he was sent into police custody until 8th August 2022. The incident video went viral on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. However, such social media sites do not allow videos of violence on their platform; it is not accessible on YouTube, Etc. 

Note: All details are based on online sources, we are personally not blaming anyone.


Seyram was identified and arrested on Wednesday, 13th July 2022. But, to date, the motive behind the kill was not made public by the Brisbane police. Brisbane police found the kill weapon traced in LT Fight Video with Seyram. No information about links between Seyram and L.T. was revealed. More information is awaited regarding the reasons for the fight between the two groups.

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