Spotify Iceberg Generator (June 2022) How Does It Work?

The article Spotify Iceberg Generator goes into detail about icebergify chart generator and how to generate it for free online.

Do you love hearing songs? Is music like an amazing therapy for you? Are you the one who is using the Spotify streaming audio service? Then one computer science student has added an innovative addition to your Spotify musical journey. His work, known as icebergify, was welcomed by millions of Worldwide people and is trending on the internet. 

So here in this article, we will be discussing the trending and Innovative Spotify Iceberg Generator and how to generate one easily.

What is a Spotify chart generator?

It works on the principle of an open-sourcing tool, which collects one person’s Spotify data and generates an iceberg-shaped chart. The iceberg chart displays the Spotify user’s favorite music artist list. But it will be arranged in the order of the person’s favorite and the popularity of the music artist. 

The user’s most frequently listened-to-song artist occupies the top position of the iceberg, and the ranking position decreases according to their favorites and how often they listen to that song. The iceberg got arranged in the order of the person’s favorite artist and the popularity of the respective artist.

What Is Icebergify?

It is a Spotify iceberg chart generator for organizing music artists for the people. It was developed by a computer student named Akshay Raj. This iceberg generator got its inspiration from a partially submerged iceberg. Popular musicians like Kanye West, Drake and Kendrick Lamar will occupy the tip of the iceberg because the chart also arranges the music artists based on their popularity. 

Music artists like Erkin Koray, Allame, and Bixi Balke will occupy the bottom part of the iceberg. To generate a unique chart for each person, the icebergify collects the person’s Spotify streams, likes, shares, followings, etc.

How is it generated?

The Spotify Iceberg Generator works on a simple logic of graph plotting based on each person’s favorites. It calculates the number of streams and the popularity of the music artist. Mostly, the app collects the top 50 music artists’ data and plots them on the iceberg chart. The top tip of the iceberg denotes the person’s favorite music artist. And the order decreases gradually.

  • To generate a unique iceberg chart, log in to the icebergify website.
  • Click on the “create yours” tab.
  • Then provide your Spotify data to log in to the icebergify website.
  • Click on the “agree” button.

Is icebergify safe?

The Spotify Iceberg Generator is safe because the website analyses the person’s Spotify data and does not store their data on the computer, so it does not breach any privacy violations. The website analyses only the Spotify data and not more. No one’s information will be shared with third-party owners, the acquired spotify will be a localized one.


The iceberg generator is safe for people to use and has attracted many people. They are generating their own icebergs. The website also has the facility to share the iceberg chart on social media.

As a result, the article’s Spotify Iceberg Generator provided the necessary information about the trending iceberg generator. Chart generator helps people to analyze their own music tastes and priorities. This website is for free so that anyone can generate their chart. For generating an iceberg chart.

Do you find this article useful? In the comments, tell us about your favourite Spotify playlist.

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