Spending the Weekend in Orlando? Six Tips to Make it a Memorable Experience

The best weekends are the ones that include adventure – and nothing speaks adventure louder than the no.1 family vacation destination in the world. From world-class restaurants and hotels to exciting theme parks and family-friendly attractions, there’s something for everyone in Orlando.

But with so many places to see and so little time, how do you decide where to go to make the most of your weekend getaway?

Well, we’ve come up with a list of activities that will allow you to witness the city’s rich history, magnificent natural wonders, and incredible landscapes while making sure you get your fill of fun.

Opening the door to a magical world of character meet and greets, exhilarating rides and attractions, themed dining and shopping, and world-class entertainment, the Magic Kingdom Park will bring out your inner child and make all your childhood dreams come true.

From strolling in the park and going on classic rides to visiting the shops in the area and trying out some new food from a restaurant around the park, there are many great things to do here.

Whether traveling alone or with friends or kids, no trip to Orlando can be complete without visiting this iconic park. If you could only check off 51 things to do in Orlando, Florida on your weekend trip, it’s got to be this one!  

Since we aren’t listing 51 things and only six, let’s move on. Don’t forget to go on stage shows and stop at gift shops to pick souvenirs that best symbolize your experience at the magical land – you’d want to cherish these memories for years to come!

  • Visit the Kennedy Space Center

You’ve heard all about Disney and Universal, but did you know there’s a whole other world down the road?

The Kennedy Space Center is the only NASA launch complex open to the public. It’s a must-see if you’re traveling with kids in Orlando, as it teaches all about space travel in an easy-to-understand, kid-friendly way.

If your child (or you) is interested in learning about space travel or wants to see how things work behind the scenes at NASA, the center has plenty of exhibitions and installations to pique your mind.

There’s only so much to do here – you’ll get a close-up view of the space shuttle Atlantis, meet a real-life astronaut, walk through simulated missions in rockets and capsules in the exhibit hall, watch videos about space exploration in a theater, and explore historic spacecraft and memorabilia displayed across the center. 

  • Go Back in Time at Fort Christmas Historical Park

When in Orlando, you can’t just settle for seeing the famous landmarks—you’ve got to immerse yourself in its history – and that’s precisely what you’ll get when you visit Fort Christmas Historical Park in Orlando.

It’s one of the most touristy attractions in Orlando, and for a good reason: it’s fun for all ages, with plenty of exhibits that will keep you and your kids entertained. And if you’re a history buff, it doesn’t get better!

You’ll find various restored homes and antiques telling the story of American history through military life. The military artifacts, weapons, clothing, and tools displayed throughout the park will give you a sneak peek into the tumultuous period of history.

  • Enjoy an Aerial View of the City from The Wheel at Sunset

If the Dora in you can’t stop exploring, but you’re short on time, a ride on The Wheel in ICON Park at sunset will make your heart feel full.

The 400-foot Ferris wheel offers breathtaking views of the city; you can see the lakes, parks, and all your favorite landmarks from the very top. Don’t forget to take pictures if you get a chance – you don’t get to see such magical sunsets every day!

Once you get off the ride, 40+ restaurants, bars, and boutique shops will be waiting for you. You can grab some snacks or sit at a restaurant for a quick meal. Before you head out, stop by the Museum of Illusions to get dumbfounded or experience the underwater calmness at the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium.   

  • Appreciate Art and Beauty at Lake Eola

When in the mood for a relaxing yet stimulating experience, consider renting a swan-shaped pedal boat to float across Lake Eola in the center of Downtown. 

The lake is surrounded by a traditional park where you can sit back and enjoy a hearty breakfast from Deeply Café. Later, a quick walk around the streets will allow you to appreciate contemporary art installations.  

If you reserve this activity for Sunday, you can also stop at the lakefront farmers market in the park’s southeast corner to take in the locals’ vibe.   

  • Make the Last Night Memorable with a Helicopter Tour of Orlando’s Theme Parks 

There can’t be a better way to say goodbye to Orlando than from above!

Although a little costly, you’ll forever be grateful for a helicopter tour over the theme parks. You’ll get the chance to see all of the parks in one incredible swoop. The views from above can’t be described in words, and the ride is as smooth as it gets.

Additionally, the pilot will happily fill you in on the details of the city, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the best sights. And who knows? Maybe you’ll catch some fireworks that’ll add to the magic of your chopper tour. Regardless, this tour will be one of the highlights of your weekend trip. 

Final Words

Orlando remains one of the best travel destinations for solo travelers and families because it offers so much variety. Whether you want the excitement of a theme park or want to sit back and relax, there’s something for every age and interest level.

If you’re planning a weekend trip to Orlando, we recommend visiting Magic Kingdom Park and ICON Park and enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather on a boat in Lake Eola.

Even for families with an eye for art and history, the city has plenty of attractions like the Kennedy Space Center and Fort Christmas Historical Park. And if you’re looking for something different (and fancy) for your last night in the city, book a helicopter tour of the theme parks. 

When you don’t feel like doing a touristy activity, you can go for a walk and explore the diverse array of restaurants and bars on the streets.

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