3 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes (Fast & Cheap)

Buying TikTok Likes has been a popular social media growth strategy for years. You can buy likes from TikTok users to boost your performance and quickly gain a competitive edge. But where can you find the best sites to buy TikTok likes which are as good as the real thing?

Right now, more than 1 billion people across 150+ countries use TikTok every month. With competition like this, it takes something special to get ahead. Social signals (including likes) can make a huge difference and can be purchased pretty cheaply.

But this is where things get a little sketchy, as not all services for TikTok are legit. If you plan on buying likes for your TikTok account, they need to be 100% authentic. Otherwise, they could do your performance more harm than good.

Hence, you need to track down a specialist growth service you can count on to deliver real social signals, which is precisely what you’ll get from each of the three social media marketing brands outlined below. 

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes

If you are looking for a true social viral specialist you can trust, each of the following comes highly recommended. These three sellers offer nothing but real social signals from real people and have built a solid track record over several years.

Here’s what each has to offer in a little more detail:

1) Media Mister 

First up, Media Mister has been one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes since the day the platform was launched. Media Mister has topped the table for over a decade by guaranteeing nothing but 100% authentic products. They don’t just claim to provide legit social signals from real people – they back the whole thing with a full refund guarantee. Either they deliver on their word, or you get a refund, making the whole thing risk-free. 

Buy TikTok Likes Media Master

There’s a huge range of high-quality services available for TikTok users, including likes for videos, live streams, and comments. Price-wise, it’s a tale of wall-to-wall bargains – 500 real TikTok views will set you back just $20, or you could step things up to a huge 5,000 views for as little as $189. For this, you get guaranteed authenticity, fast delivery, and solid customer support from start to finish.

Media Mister is a no-nonsense name on the scene of the social signal and is still going strong after more than ten years. 

2) GetAFollower

Next up, this company offers real targeted likes from a huge range of geo-targeted markets worldwide. If you aim your content at a specific target audience in a defined region, this is the best place to buy TikTok likes. Brazil, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK – are just a few of the many available markets. You can even order social signals specifically from male or female users, which is a neat feature.

Buy TikTok Likes Get a Follower

Also great at GetAFollower is the option of choosing between one-time likes and auto likes. With the latter, you can arrange for likes to automatically be added to each new video you publish in order to give your content an initial boost. Their prices are on par with the cheapest sellers in the business – 250 real TikTok likes can be ordered for just $11, while 10,000 will cost you just $375. 

The purchase process at TikTok is as easy as it gets, and they have a useful live chat customer support system for any help needed along the way.

3) Buy Real Media 

Last up, Buy Real Media is the best place to buy TikTok likes if you are on the lookout for an absolute bargain. Despite guaranteeing nothing but real likes from active TikTok users, their packages start from just $2.00. You can pick up 25 likes for $2.00 or step up to 50 likes for just $1.00 more. Bulk packages at the opposite end of the scale are also seriously cheap – 100,000 likes for your videos can be yours for just $1,799. 

Buy Tiktok Real Media 

Buy Real Media scores points for backing all sales with an extensive retention warranty. If any of the social signals you buy ‘drop’ within the first two months, Buy Real Media will replace them free of charge. This is always good to know, as it’s pointless buying likes that disappear shortly after being added. 

For anyone with a limited marketing budget looking to stretch every dollar as far as possible, Buy Real Media is the place to head. 

Why Buying TikTok Likes is Important?

The importance of TikTok likes lies in the power of popularity. The more TikTok fans you have and the more popular your videos look, the easier it becomes to get ahead. It really is all about the numbers on TikTok, where popularity is everything.

Think about it – when were you last impressed by a TikTok video with three likes? If the same video had 30,000 likes, how would this alter your perceptions?

Likes are any indication of approval and popularity. They show that your videos are worth checking out, and they help you attract the attention of other TikTok users. Importantly, likes also influence the TikTok algorithm. If you want TikTok to promote your videos, you need to make them look as popular as possible.

When you buy TikTok likes, you make an invaluable investment in the credibility and visibility of your videos. All of which could make it much easier to achieve your goals, however ambitious they may be. 

What to Look for Before Buying TikTok Likes?

Before placing an order for TikTok likes, it is crucial to conduct the following quality and performance checks:

A Reliable Service Provider

The best way to find a reliable service provider is to check customer feedback. If they have established a solid track record with plenty of positive reviews, they’re probably a safe bet; if you come across too many negative write-ups or warnings from their past customers, order elsewhere.

Authentic Social Signals

Spending even a penny on spam social signals is a bad idea. Along with wasting your money, you could find yourself facing the prospect of suspension. It is only worth buying social signals if they are 100% real – no exceptions. Sellers that guarantee (literally) authentic TikTok likes are the only sellers worth trusting with your money.

Responsive Customer Support

If in doubt, put the seller’s customer support team through its paces ahead of time. Send them a few questions, see how long it takes for them to reply, and figure out if they’re right for you. Quality customer support is indicative of a professional service provider that’s worth doing business with. By contrast, low-grade (or absent) customer support indicates the exact opposite. 

Retention Guarantee

A retention guarantee ensures that you are covered against any initial losses. While the warranty is active, any likes you lose are ‘refilled’ for free. The longer the retention guarantee, the better. Even so, a short retention guarantee is better than no such guarantee at all.

Secure Payments

Customer safety and security should always be a seller’s top priority. It’s a bad idea to hand your personal information and payment data over to anyone who doesn’t take your safety seriously. All transactions should be encrypted, and total discretion should be maintained at all times.

Sensible Delivery Times

When you buy TikTok likes, they should be added to your videos at a rate that looks natural. It needs to look as if every like you bought was earned organically, as opposed to being purchased. This is why ‘instant’ delivery should be avoided at all costs, as it is almost guaranteed to trigger TikTok’s automatic spam filters. 

Each of the three sellers in our shortlist above was reviewed on the basis of these performance factors and confidently outperformed competing brands in all instances.

How to Get More Likes on TikTok?

Buying likes can be great for steering things in the right direction and giving your content an initial boost. Even so, you still need to make an effort to stack up as many organic likes as you can. 

Here’s how to get more likes on TikTok and grow your channel with more fans and followers in the process:

Create Great Videos

First up, the quality of the content you put out will play the biggest role in determining your performance on TikTok. All the high-profile marketing in the world cannot make up for poor or predictable content. Every video you put out needs to be original, authentic, relevant, and of genuine value to your target audience. 

Focus On Your Target Audience

Speaking of which, keeping a close eye on what your target audience is watching is essential. Trends come and go, and what’s hitting home with your viewers today could soon be obsolete. Follow them, watch what they’re watching, and see what kind of content is engaging them. Focus your output exclusively on what they like, not what you like. 

Use Trending Music

Trending music can make a great addition to any TikTok video and can significantly boost engagement. However, getting on board with the latest trends (music or otherwise) only works if it’s a trend your target audience can relate to. If it’s a trend they’ll have no interest in or isn’t appropriate for them, don’t attempt to hijack it.

Create Your Own Viral Challenge

The only thing more effective than taking part in viral challenges is creating your own viral challenges from scratch. Not easy, but a fantastic way to give your content viral potential. A great place to start can be to look at past viral challenges and think of a way to put your own unique spin on them. 

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are used by the TikTok algorithm to categorize the content. They’re also used by TikTokers to find videos of relevance to their interests. Hence, it goes without saying that the hashtags you use need to be relevant to the kind of content you publish. Use hashtags with every video you publish, but do so sparingly and strategically. Essential for getting more likes, more views, and more followers. 

Post-Short Videos

Last up, short and punchy videos always stack up more likes than their longer counterparts. Most TikTok users are all about instant gratification – getting their kicks as quickly as possible. If you can give them something that amuses, entertains, informs, or inspires them in an instant, they’ll reward you with their engagement. 

Final Thoughts

Pinning down the best sites to buy TikTok likes takes time but is worth doing. It’s a shame that the vast majority of social signals sold online are spam-fakes bot-generated garbage. They may be cheap, but they’re just too risky to pollute your profile with. 

Elsewhere, a select few sellers demonstrate a genuine commitment to 100% authentic products. Each of the three sellers in our shortlists does just that and even backs their word with a refund guarantee. 

With packages starting from just $2.00, you don’t need to put much cash on the line to find out how things work. And once again, you can always hit up their customer support reps with your questions in advance if you’re still not totally convinced.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it legal to Buy TikTok Likes?

Yes – it is 100% legal to buy TikTok likes from real people. If the likes you buy come from active and authentic members of the TikTok community, they are as safe and effective as organic likes. TikTok simply prohibits the use of spam (bot) accounts to generate fake likes. 

2) Are These Websites Safe Places to Buy TikTok likes?

Yes – each of the three websites above guarantees only 100% authentic TikTok likes. They deliver their services through real people who find and like your content in the normal way. This makes their likes indistinguishable from the real thing and just as safe.

3) Can I Get Banned for Buying TikTok Likes?

You only risk getting suspended or banned from TikTok if you buy fake likes from spam accounts (bots). These types of likes are strictly prohibited, easy to detect, and could see your account shut down. By contrast, buying real likes from real people who deliver them in the normal way is completely safe. 

4) Are My TikTok Credentials Required to Purchase TikTok utilities?

No – the only information you will need to provide is the URL of the video you want to promote. Other than your basic payment data to process the transaction, no other sensitive information is needed. You should never be asked to share any of your passwords or log in credentials in order to buy likes. 

5) Why Does My Account Have to be Public?

If your account is set to ‘Private,’ the only people who can like your videos are your fans and followers. When you set your account to ‘Public,’ anyone can view your videos and leave likes. You will therefore need to ensure your account is set to ‘Public’ in order to purchase likes from an online seller.

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