South Morang Accident {June} Read Shocking Details!

The article South Morang Accident provides the actual facts and reasons behind the recent accident along with the accident statistics.

 Do you know which continent is also known as “the lucky country,” “the sunburnt country,” or “the last land”? The answer is Australia, but this continent is also very unlucky for some people, and some people’s lives don’t last long. Read this article South Morang Accident to know the reasons.

The accident

On June 3rd, 2022, a fatal accident happened at the intersection of Plenty Road and Belle Vue Road. The 64-year-old Doreen woman was driving her Toyota car with one occupant. At 2.50 pm, the Toyota car collided with a white Mercedes sedan. 

Then the person driving the Toyota vehicle lost the balance, and the Toyota flipped upside down by dashing into a small hatchback car. It struck the hatchback car at high velocity, so the driver died on the spot. Sadly, the 68-year-old man who drove the hatchback died.

Car Accident South Morang

After seeing the collision visuals, people gathered around the spot and called the police. The primary collision investigation unit of South Morang arrived at the site and hospitalized the driver and passenger of the Toyota and Mercedes. 

The driver of the Toyota car was taken to the hospital under the control of the police. Both the crashed cars had occupants. And a 67-year-old Northcote woman was riding along with the Doreen woman when she was injured badly. The police officials were analyzing and investigating the accident scene to find the culprit.

Accidental history repeats

The South Morang Accident happens often, but one horror accident shocked the people of Morang, which took the lives of the youngsters, which was similar to the recent case. The accident scene happened on the same stretch of road last July. A Ford Falcon carrying three youngsters dashed to the power hole.

An 18-year-old Christian died on the spot, and his cousin and the driver died at the hospital. The police investigated this scene and said this accident was a deadly one and driving the car at high speed was the reason for it, which happened a year ago.

The ongoing investigations

The recent South Morang accident shocked the community, and the primary collision investigation unit thoroughly investigated the scene. The passengers and drivers of Toyota and Mercedes sedans are hospitalized, and so their friends and families are hoping for them to recover soon.

 The police are looking for road camera footage to determine the actual location that occurred on the main road and to know about the cause of accident .Officials have shredded their phone number (800) 33000 and a website named “crimestoppersvic” for the person to share the incident. They are looking for prime facie in this case for more information.


The article South Morang Accident provided the details and according to the online survey, nearly 64% of people having a license in Australia have witnessed or been involved in at least one minor car accident, and the significant reasons were drinking and driving, over speeding, getting distracted while driving, etc. 

Hence, people have to be more concentrated while driving. For more newsupdates. 

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