Simple Gift Ideas That Everyone Can Use

It’s hard to select simple and valuable gifts, especially when you’re entrusted with gifting to someone new. Besides, when it comes to gifting, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying expensive, impractical gifts that end up collecting dust on the receiver’s shelves. 

However, not all gifting ideas need to be challenging. There are several middle-of-the-road ideas that you can get for loved ones or colleagues. Continue reading as we explore practical and effortless gifting ideas everyone can use. 

A Board Game

Topping our list of simple gift ideas is a board game. These games never go out of fashion and are a great way for your family or friends to bond simply and enjoyably. Therefore, choosing a childhood favorite like Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Trouble, or Sorry is always a good choice when thinking of a gift. 

Or, consider a strategy game like Risk for people with a competitive mindset. Besides, if you’re thinking of a board game for couples, gift them the Ultimate Game For Couples. 

Go For Local Bookstore Gift Cards

You might be tempted to give a book to your close friends or family. However, books make gifting difficult, especially since you’re unsure if the receiver will devote much time to them, turning them into clutter or doorstops. Because of this, a gift card to a nearby bookshop is the perfect present for a passionate reader. 

You could be looking for gift cards to independent stores like Oregon’s Powell or Portland. These famous bookshops have a great collection of books, ensuring that your loved ones will find something of their interest.

Custom Playlist Or Music Subscription

Music is the best way to express those unsaid emotions to your loved ones. Therefore, the third option on our list is to give your friends and family a playlist curated specially for them. By compiling a mixtape with songs that are significant to your buddy and reflect your friendship, you may inspire their love of music. 

In addition, add in a few tracks from up-and-coming musicians you believe they’ll enjoy keeping things interesting. Even better, subscribe them to a music streaming service like Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited and have a personalized playlist ready for them to listen to when they sign up!

Scented Candles

You can’t go wrong with the gift idea of gifting scented candles. Apart from being one of the most useful products, this idea is simple and time-saving. However, buying scented candles might confuse you with your options. People fall into two categories: those who enjoy scented candles and those who aren’t yet aware of their preference. For several reasons, scented candles are wonderful presents. 

First, their price is reasonable at different stores, offering you a wide range of varieties for less than $20. Second, we have the option to personalize scented candles today. So if your friend has a particular flavor preference like cinnamon or strawberry, or even if they enjoy fall aromas, you have the flexibility to get such candles. 

A Good Bottle Of Wine

Nothing beats a good bottle of wine! This is the perfect option if you have two minutes to buy a present for someone you don’t know well. Bring them a bottle of the type of wine you know they like drinking most frequently.

With over a trillion wineries and five different varieties of wine (red, rose, dessert, white, and sparkling), there is a good possibility that you will purchase a wine that has never been sampled before. Or, you could purchase a wine you know is the receiver’s favorite. 

Kitchen Goods

Sometimes, the best present suggestions are items people need rather than things they want! For example, your acquaintances would value a high-end, durable kitchen item if they frequently cook and still use the same inexpensive gear they got in college.

Think about a kitchen tool they don’t have or use often when choosing the ideal one. Examples include a fancy pastry cutter, a can opener, a corkscrew, or a garlic press.

However, your budget might need to be revised when purchasing such quality kitchen goods. 

But what if we told you that you could now buy such gift items with your crypto earnings?

Yes, it’s possible with the home goods gift cards available in Coingate. The platform allows you to exchange crypto tokens for crypto tokens of a certain value. This method not only saves you money but also saves time from the hassle of selecting different products. 

Gift For Their Pets

Sometimes, leaving behind an impression with your presents has nothing to do with the person receiving it. So, instead of gifting the person, you could come around with some nice gift ideas for their pets. However, when buying toys for their pets, you need to avoid cheap plastic toys as they can be easily broken, and the parts can be inhaled. 

Therefore, we advise providing the recipient’s pets with gifts based on them. For instance, if the receiver has a dog as a pet, gift them a rope-based. Regarding cats, you can choose from a wider selection of toys, ranging from a fur ball to a catnip-infused tea bag.

Now You Know!

This brings us to the end of our blog on the best simple gift ideas you could use for the upcoming Christmas holidays. However, when at it, try to be flexible with your gifting options. Remember, something new is introduced in the market every day. All the best! 

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