Write For Us Crypto – Check And Follow Instructions!

Read detailed guidelines on Write for Us Crypto on Red-redial.net. Also, learn about Crypto topics and keywords.

Did you know that the concept of e-cash originated in 1983? However, it involved intermediaries such as banks. In 2009, pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, which eliminated intermediaries, created a decentralized system, and created new standards for exchanging Crypto over computer networks.

Crypto and its trading still need expert advice among new investors. Hence, you can help our audience by sharing your knowledge via Write for Us Crypto posts.

About Red-redial.net?

Red-redial.net is a global knowledge-based platform publishing the latest in news, fashion, gaming, business, finance, Crypto, travel and tourism, website reviews, healthcare tips, product reviews, Etc. 

Many of our readers are interested to know more about Cryptocurrency for investment decisions and knowledge. Hence, we are allowing writers to post articles related to Crypto.

Skill sets of a writer:

  • The writer should be able to analyze the requirement of our readers on any Crypto topics,
  • He should be able to independently research and analyze the information about any Crypto Write for Us topics, and
  • The blogger must have excellent written communication skills.

Qualifications of a blogger:

  • The writer need not hold a degree in Cryptocurrency and Trading. However, experience in working with a Crypto investment firm (or) as an independent individual Crypto investor is valuable.
  • The writer should have experience writing blogs, guest posts, website content, articles, (or) write-ups.

General guidelines:

  • Your Crypto article should only focus on Crypto topics.
  • The content should include an introduction, Crypto launch and minting details, Cryptonomics, how the Crypto works, short and long-term staking benefits, founder’s profile and professional experience, Write for Us + Crypto market trends, predictions, process of buying, a link to the source of information, two non-copyrighted images, social media links, conclusion, and FAQs.
  • The Crypto guest-post must be 800 to 1,500 words long.

Crypto norms:

  • Avoid grammatical errors, plagiarism, redundancy, repetitive details, commercial links, and offensive words.
  • Headings, subheads, and bullet points should be incorporated for organizing the article.
  • A high readability score, accurate numeric figures and facts, and one do-followup link is a must.
  • Eighty percent of the Crypto content should be in active voice.
  • Place the keywords consistently and at the correct density.

Crypto Write for Us topics:

  • How Crypto works,
  • Types of Cryptocurrencies,
  • Cryptocurrency investment tips and tricks for beginners,
  • Factors affecting Crypto markets,
  • Research articles on Crypto,
  • Cryptocurrency marketing,
  • Details about the founders and organization,
  • Type of backup used by Cryptocurrency,
  • Decentralized platforms for Crypto,
  • Minting and issuing details and authorities,
  • Operational concept on which Crypto is created,
  • Universal acceptability of specific Crypto,
  • Native platforms, games, apps, and organizations accepting specific Crypto,
  • Short and long-term staking benefits,
  • Pricing history, market ranking, supply, highest and lowest value,
  • Price predictions and associated factors,
  • Digital wallets supporting Crypto,
  • Write for Us Crypto on proof-of-stake and proof-of-work,
  • Exchanges offering specific Crypto,
  • Process of buying Crypto from exchanges,
  • Auditing authority and reports of specific Crypto, Etc.

Related keywords:

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  • Crypto + “guest post guidelines”

Write for Us + Crypto

  • Crypto + “contributor guidelines”
  • Crypto + “write for us”
  • Crypto + “write for me”
  • Crypto + “become a contributor”
  • Crypto + “contribute to this site”
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  • Crypto + “suggest a post”
  • Crypto + inurl:Category/guest
  • Crypto + inurl:Contributors
  • Allintitle:Crypto + guest post
  • Allintitle:Crypto + write for us
  • Allintitle:Crypto + submit blog post


  • Expand your internet presence and network,
  • Get more viewership,
  • Get more opportunities, and
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships.

How to submit Write for Us Crypto guest post?

You can email a sample of your guest post (or) write-ups for publication to info@red-redial.net. Once approved for publication, you cannot submit the same on any other platform.

The final thoughts:

The red-redial editorial team reserves the right to modify (or) delete unwanted content of your article. The red-redial editorial team will contact you before publishing your Crypto guest post. The writer must understand that the Crypto market is volatile and involves risk. Hence, the content of the Crypto guest post may influence investor’s decisions and investments. 

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