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Do you watch Netflix? Have you noticed a new 2 hours long documentary on a fraudster’s actual being? Yes, we are talking about Simon Leviev. He is grabbing attention from various regions like Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. 

He deceived numerous women through the tinder charming app and received souvenirs amounting to $10 million. 

His crime documentary made people ask about Simon Leviev Consulting and employment advisers who assisted him to be a Netflix star. 

Let’s check about this fraudster in detail below. 

Who is Simon Leviev? 

Simon used to be an average man but recently, he is grabbing awareness for his wrongdoings. We can call him a scammer who fooled 3 women through the Tinder app and amassed millions of dollars. 

His story is disgusting but fascinating too. That’s why people are watching it numerous times. His story seems sadly astonishing to people as to how wisely he deceived the ladies.

People are presuming his net worth, Simon Leviev Business Consulting and other aspects too that made him a Netflix celebrity in a short period.

About Tinder Scam

As we have discussed above, he fooled three women and looted them. But, this con man, Shimon Hayut, in real life is seen in a recent Instagram video smiling as he sits in a Lamborghini. 

He is living a perfect life and is not even imprisoned. He was behind bars long back, but now he is in Israel and posting shamelessly on Instagram. When women comment on his pictures for his wrongdoings, he also criticizes them.

About Simon Leviev Business Consulting

Simon wanted to operate his career and receive a tremendous lifestyle. For that, he began deceiving the ladies to make wealth from them and capitalize on his career and oversee a comfortable vitality.

Simon has launched a website for folks who desire employment guidance to reside with no harsh labour. So he agreed to create an online site, which he could rectify by crouching at the house. 

The central intention to deceive all three ladies was to recoup cash and begin his career website.

Note – All the facts and details are entirely based on the internet’s research.

Simon Leviev Consulting: Trending Facts 

It was a fantasy for Simon to start an online business of consultancy. And we have seen how he fulfilled his dream.

 People are as shocked as to why he is not behind bars. So, he was in a Finnish lockup and was discharged in 2017. 

He was reinstated to Israel but evaded soon and was eventually imprisoned in 2019 for the fraud, robbery and crime penalties. 

He was detained for 15 months but only served five months on the verge after being discharged for having a friendly character. And now, he is living a dreamy life with tons of luxuries.


As a concluding thought, Simon Leviev Consulting was a forward step from Simon Leviev, a scammer. 

He decided to make an online website to provide business advice to people. But unfortunately, the paths he chose were incorrect, and that’s why he is a betrayer in people’s illusion. 

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