Vladmir Agnov Ghost of Kyiv {Mar 2022} Know Details Here

This article is penned down to enhance your understanding of current affairs and false news regarding the Vladimir Agnov Ghost of Kyiv.

Have you heard about jet soldiers in Ukraine? Are you notified about the recent news on a battle fighter? If not, don’t worry, as we are here to give you all the spicy updates which are trending worldwide

As the war was going on and Russia was attacking Ukraine, soothing news circulated. The news is about Vladimir Agnov Ghost of Kyiv, who miraculously shot down 7 Russian jets and choppers. 

But is this news trustworthy? Shall we consider it and take it seriously? Let’s check about the whole information below-

Who is the Ghost of Kyiv? 

During these challenging times, a ray of faith arrived in the face of a Ukrainian pilot. This spirit is a master commander who is bestowing hope to the Ukrainians. He is a fantasy aviator whose tapes went viral on social media platforms. 

It has been contended that the commander drifting the MiG-29 unexpectedly shot down six Russian squirts. Vladimir Agnov became popular instantly, and his videos have dissipated like wildfire everywhere. 

Many on Twitter are naming the Ukrainian captain the initial European master since World War II. 

One particular post has asserted that the chief shot down an assortment of Russian aircraft. Unconfirmed documents state he possesses two SU-35s, one SU-27, one MiG-29, and two SU-25s.

At moments of conflict, tales of courage and boldness often stimulate the population and assist them in getting through difficult stages. So, this ghost pilot is also one of those heroes who brought hope amongst people. 

Why is Vladimir Agnov Trending? 

After the online tape was disseminated on social media platforms, the announcement began trending where a spirit commander was hitting down the Russian airliners. 

Regardless, the information is inaccurate, and the videos were just an online tape pastime calling it the battle between the two nations. The announcements are very inclined to be incorrect, and it is deemed a rumour. 

It is indeed misinformation during disputing periods. It’s a sort of mistaken publicity which is fiddling with innocent minds and giving them false relief and dreams as well.

Views on Vladimir Agnov Ghost of Kyiv-

People were praying and crossing their fingers after hearing this news. They were also pleading for it to be true. However, WION could not unassisted substantiate the genuineness of the videos.

At the time of broadcasting, no Ukrainian council has substantiated that the fantasy is actual. The people were surprised, frantic and optimistic as well. But, the misconception of this report nodded them and replenished them with anxiety. 

Note- All the information given in this article is based on Internet research. 


As a final verdict, we cannot alone ascertain the verismo of Vladimir Agnov Ghost of Kyiv. This is false news that needs to be stopped from circulation. 

But, still, retired diplomats, negotiators and the president are commemorating the accomplishment unnecessarily. 

However, we have tried to acquaint you with the best possible information. 

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